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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Liam Dadey, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Liam Dadey

    Liam Dadey Villager

    Full In-Game Name: Infinity_Wolf_55
    Ban Reason :X-ray
    Person Who Banned You: BladeWave
    Length of Ban: 6 days, 23 hours, 41 minutes
    Appeal: So I was working on a farm with my friend (Poloar Jesus) and i was banned for x-ray when I WAS NOT MINNING but but I did x-ray once but that was as a joke and he made me throw the Coal I trolled him with and he made me throw it away and watched me delete it and since he made sure i did not re download it So I would like to be unbanned and i feel that it is unfair since i did not get anything from x-raying i threw it away and deleted it i feel that it is unfair that i was banned for xraying coal and plus i just got unbanned so if you could plz consider that would be great. Attached is a screenshot of my packs

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  2. PolarJesus

    PolarJesus Villager

    This is all true I was there. He is one of my good friends irl. He is not that stupid to xray for an advatage over other players. I warned him not to XRAY or I would report him. I learned my lesson when I got caught xraying in the past so I told him not to xray at all. It was stupid of him to do it at all. He was just trying to get me to laugh I've been going through a hard time (rather not explain what it is). If you ever catch him xraying again feel free to IP ban him or perma ban him. Again I am so sorry for his stupid mistake I hope this can resolve it.
  3. Ember

    Ember Moderator Moderator


    Due to the nature of this ban in which.. you literally admit to having x-ray, I'll have to pitch my opinion in to keep you banned.
    While you only got coal by using it, I think it's clear to say that, well, you literally admit to having and using x-ray, especially at the expense of "trolling" a moderator.
    I'm really not sure what you expected to happen. Taking that risk was your own decision, and you were banned for it. This can also be filed under disrespect for that reason.
    If you know it is wrong and do it to mess with a staff member, you should expect some kind of punishment. This is the standard x-ray ban, one of which even a friend warned you against due to their own experiences..
    It is also clear from your previous ban that this is not the first instance we've seen from you regarding disrespect or misbehaviour. Please please learn from your mistakes.

    After consideration on my part, it would be a no from me. Others should respond shortly with their own opinions.
  4. BladeWave

    BladeWave Monster Hunter Admin

    Hey Infinity_Wolf_55,

    So yes, you were not mining while you were banned, this would be a result of me not being online while you were mining... Whether it be a joke or not, we strictly Do Not allow the use of hacking, xraying, glitches, or any other forms of cheating whether you used them for an hour or a minute. It's written clearly in our rules both in-game and on the forums, as you can see in the screenshot below. With that said, your week-long ban will remain, and in the meantime, I do recommend you freshen up on all our rules.

    Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 10.14.43 PM.png

  5. Liam Dadey

    Liam Dadey Villager

    I was not trolling a modernator i was trolling a friend
  6. PolarJesus

    PolarJesus Villager

    He was NOT trying to troll a staff member he was trolling me. The ban will still stay just want that straight so he doesnt get banned longer.
  7. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    He won't be banned longer as long as he doesn't repeat the offense, the ban for x-raying (first time) is 7 days and confiscation of all valuables regardless of the circumstances.

    Thank you,

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