every donator item (pretty much) and random cool items

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  1. Hey guys I'm gonna be selling some of my stash of items because I'm mega poor. Accepting offers on all items shown.

    Pic #1: All items shown except the enchanted dia swords are unbreakable (they are Brave Arks).

    Pic #2: All Items are unbreakable except the tridents (they're just normal tridents).

    Pic #3: Random items
    Books are 1 Infinity, 3 Sharp V, 1 Punch II, 3 Fortune III, 1 Mending. Items are birthday cake (7th anniversary), god of steak, Phoenix feather

    Pic #4: 20 Winter Hats (Galaxy), 3 Cosmic helmets, various donator rank t-shirts, epic shiny hats

    Pic #5-7: Heads

    Pic #8: Music Discs

    Pic #9: Potions: 2 Enhanced Potion of Night Vision (Night Vision (20:00)), 11 Swimming Potion (Saturation Dolphins Grace (5:00)), 9 Super Jump Potion (Jump Boost IV (5:00)), 9 Mining Potion (Haste II (2:00) Night Vision II (3:00)), 5 Explorers Potion (Speed II (5:00) Haste II (2:30) Fire Resistance (6:00) Water Breathing (6:00) Health Boost (8:00) Saturation when applied +40% speed +20% attack speed +4 max health)

    So I may have run out of allowed images so here is what's not shown above:
    8 stacks of XP bottles, 6 Zombie horse spawn eggs, a bee spawn egg, and 2 more unbreakable dia pickaxes.

    Please note: I may have missed descriptions of some items or forgot to post them at all if you are looking for a specific item feel free to ask. For prices on the items feel free to offer what you feel they're worth and we can discuss from there.

    Edit: Spawners have been sold.

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  2. price for spawner?
  3. Accepting offers at the moment not sure what they go for as they're rarely sold.
  4. At minimum, several stacks of diamond blocks...
  5. last time i bought one was like 2019/18 it was 2 db, if ur selling it for more than that im not interested
  6. sorry lol a spawner is gonna be more than 2 db
  7. A placeable spawner for two diamond blocks? Yeah, that's fairly implausible. Two stacks, maybe I'd believe that.
  8. yea thats what i meant lol
  9. I
    If you were interested I would sell for 2.5 stack of DB tho
  10. i sold my placeable spawner for 1.5db Riley thought it was a good deal so i did that. i mean that was as low as i could go.
  11. How much for the shiny hats?
    dm me on disc @Samicans#1438 because I'm pretty inactive on the forums
  12. kwix

    kwix Villager

    If you still have both of the Spawners I offer 3 Stacks of DBs for the pair
  13. i wish i knew this sooner, i sold mine for 1.5 stacks lol...