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    Hello, everyone! We have some event changes going on and wanted to inform everyone on what's going on. Due to Event Staff numbers dwindling as of late, we're temporarily taking off Sunday from the event schedule to make things a touch easier. With Sunday having the only time for Obstacle Course though, we're now going to be setting Tuesday to alternate between Head Hunt and Obstacle Course for the time being. Please remember this is only *temporary*! Once we're able to get more Event Staff in that can host, we'll be bringing back Sunday as an event day! That also goes for the time schedule! Once we have more people able to host, we can narrow that window just a little bit more! If there's any questions, feel free to leave a comment here, or you can message one of the Event Staff members on Discord!
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  2. This is my personal opinion but I don't like their only being 1 headhunt per fortnight and it's my favourite event. Maybe we can drop obstacle course for now?
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  3. fortniteeeee
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  4. While I don't partake in either of these events, I do feel that obstacle course is less popular than head hunt. I agree that obstacle course should be temporarily on the back burner.

    Also, unless I misread the main post. If the current time zone rotations are still the same, having head hunt every other week essentially locks one time zone out of it.
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    Obstacle course is nice
  6. I think obstacle course is less popular too but also head hunt is an event that everyone can participate in while obstacle course is a very hard since it's parkour which some players can't do.