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    The legendary pirate BlahBeard's ship has sunk, but his treasure hasn't been found. Until now.

    If you didn't enter the code for the chest, it's not your loot.

    BlahBeard's Treasure is a server wide treasure hunt. The treasure is divided into 7 chests, each chest is locked, and can be unlocked with specific codes. Scattered throughout the server are 7 builds (the first one containing all the chests and locking mechanisms), each containing a sign with a 10 digit alphanumeric code. If you're first to find said sign, rename a PAPER that EXACT code (spawn has anvils that are free to use) and throw it into the respective hopper in front of the respective treasure chest. The treasures must be unlocked in order, first the first chest, which corresponds to the first build, then the second chest, which corresponds to the second build, and so on. Each build also has puzzles which give directions to the next build (except for the last build... because it's last). The first treasure chest is renamed the cords for the second build, while the remaining treasure chests renamed the cords for their corresponding build, that way, just because you couldn't figure out a puzzle doesn't mean you're out of the event for good. The coordinates of the first build are: [9852,-5264]

    If you have any questions, or would like to donate some treasure to increase BlahBeard's Treasure, message me on the forums, or in game, if I'm online, by doing /msg Blah_McBlah (Don't confuse me with blah28722!), or on discord oravega#6201.

    Special thanks to the following people for donating some rares:
    *Event staff for donating a special rare item for the final chest
    *The random person who threw a diamond block at me, I didn't catch your name, sorry
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  2. sounds like alot of work. ill just eat chips instead
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  3. I'm excited! :D

    Lets hope luck will be on my side lol
  4. dang, will be camping for then. Good luck to all! (I'll throw in a DB for the prize)
  5. i dont really get it so i will watch from the sidelines, good luck to everyone participating.
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    Event starting now. Check back at post for 1st cordinates.
  7. I was like 100ish blocks away and I DIED from kinetic energy. And my elytra is almost dead.

    Rip me
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  8. The QR code that was hidden in the room of Wither Roses and Sweet Berry bushes if anyone is interested.

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  9. Let us know here when the 5th chest is cracked. I quit trying :mad:


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  10. may i just say, though im not participating, thank you and everyone who had a part in this for giving us all this awesome event.

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