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  1. Hello there! I am very excited about submitting this application! It demonstrates both my interest in being an Event Assistant and being a part of the infamous Safe Survival staff team! It would be an honour to volunteer my time for a great cause. I have considered being a staff member for Safe Survival prior to the Discord announcement released by Flower today, but the announcement gave me the encouragement to apply, as it expressed a need for Event Assistants. A short, summarized statement is that I am interested in building and would love to learn more about command blocks and redstone. Anyway, without further delay, below is the application.​

    • IGN: Enelis
    • Age: 19
    • Rank: Mythical/Master
    • Time Zone: Mountain Time (US)
    • Experience/Traits: I am on the board of directors for a nonprofit organization (501(c)3), which has given me the skills to communicate well and to well-represent an organization (in this case, a server/community). I have developed the skills to maintain an upbeat and considerate mood, and if I become an Event Assistant, I will be even more sensitive of my words and actions than I am now. I recognize the responsibility of being a staff member and will uphold any standards that are expected. In addition, I will be flexible/compliant and willing to modify ideas or builds as needed/requested, and if I come up with any new ideas, I will present them as clearly as possible.
    Answers to Questions:
    (all questions have been answered in the order they were given)
    1. The main way in which I would love to help specifically is with biome warp builds (if those are updated or new ones are introduced). A secondary way that I would love to help is with designs/formats of given areas (i.e how buildings within large event areas are organized).
    2. Regarding events, I believe that organization could and should be improved upon. A lot of my personal event navigating took more time than it should have, causing me to lose some interest. If we can find a way to better organize future events so that people don't waste much time finding activities or villagers, that would make the events a lot more enjoyable and as a result bring more interest/participation.
    3. I currently do not have any ideas for a game/event. However, if you add me to your team of event staff, I will think more about that and will present any ideas that come to mind.
    4. I am interested; however, I don't have very much experience in these fields. I have a voucher from a user on Safe Survival to learn more about redstone, so I will take her up on that and follow up with you regarding how that goes (if you take interest in my application).
    5. I would be very interested! I am excited about having the opportunity to participate in building. I should also note here that I am not the best at building things that are not buildings or landscaping (when I say landscaping, I mean more natural landscaping. Let me know if you have questions regarding what I mean by that).
    Thank you so much for considering my application. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you! For any questions or concerns, please message me on Discord (Enelis#0608).
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