Easter Egg Hunt and Mob Fight

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    Hey everyone. This year, like last year, we've prepared both an egg hunt and a mob fight for easter:

    Egg Hunt:
    5 Egg heads are hidden around the spawn claim. Upon finding each you'll be given an Easter egg, but many are difficult to find. Make sure you have space in your inventory for eggs while hunting! This is released as of this posting.

    Mob Fight:
    While the arena is the same as last year, the fight itself has been completely redone. Defend the villagers from mobs with up to 5 other players to win a special Easter rares. This event will be released later today. The mob fight is now open!

    Complete both activities to receive the "Easter 2019 Completionist", which will remain in your advancement pages after the event has ended. Both events close on April 28th at 10 PM, EDT.

    Happy Easter!
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  2. Durpy

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    yay =D
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  3. Oo how exciting!
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  4. The hunt was really good this year :)
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  5. Can anyone show me where they all are please :)
  6. LPO232

    LPO232 Guest

    Arcane Carrot has been buffed. Simply place it in your inventory for it to be automagically replaced with the new one.
  7. Say a person was to have two arcane carrots because they bought one and then managed to succeed in the battle a few hours before it was removed... the arcane carrots are stacked together in the inventory, what exactly happens when they log online?
    Will both be replaced?
  8. LPO232

    LPO232 Guest

    They are both replaced.
  9. Awesome!

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