Easter 2020!

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  1. Hi everyone! This year for Easter we have prepared a small warp for everyone :) For now, you will have to get rewards through an Event Staff member, but we do plan on fixing this small issue soon. Here are the different parts of the event:

    Egg Hunt
    7 buttons on diamond blocks are hidden around the Easter Warp. You will get a token for every button you find. These tokens can be traded in for different Easter egg heads through an event staff member. The heads to choose from will be posted below.

    Mob Fight and Parkour:
    This mob fight will give 9 tokens upon completion and the parkour will give you 3 tokens. There are 2 checkpoints for the parkour. There are 4 prizes for these events combined. Each prize will cost 4 tokens, so you will have to pick and choose which items you want.

    I will be posting further information as I get it, but I hope you enjoy the event :) It will be opening at 12:00 AM 4/12/2020 EST.


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  2. Can we receive rewards for completing the parkour and mob fight multiple times?
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  3. No, only 1 set.
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    Quick note! Heads are ONE token per head. Not 4 like the other prizes :>
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  5. You may now trade with villagers to get prizes! If you had previously started the warp, and have green tokens contact an Event Staff member in order to get blue tokens to trade with the villagers. All newly earned tokens will work with the villagers. Also, the mob fight has been reopened!
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    Hey all! Easter Warp 2020 will be closing this Sunday, April 26th. Please get your token gathering and trading done before then!
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