Durpys Ban Appeal, And Item Replacement Issues.

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Durpy, Mar 21, 2020.

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  1. Full In-Game Name: _Durpy
    Ban Reason: You Have Been Banned!
    Person Who Banned You: SchaumG550
    Length of Ban: permanent

    I'm sad to announce that I was going to be leaving safe for good today. I was going to ask for a permanent ban on both discord, in-game, and forums. Although while giving away some items I had been interrupted with a permanent ban by SchaumG550. I'm assuming this deals with our incident about my spleef bow. I was going to say in my post how the guideline on replacements is broke, how it can be abused, and my suggestions to fix it before I go. I wanted to leave the community on a good note; although this is not what Schaum wanted I am still hopeful we can come to an agreement. The reason I had "duped" my spleef bow, was because I had seen this tactic used for players to get large amounts of rares quickly. I want to say this is the only time I have done this, and it was planned because I knew I would be quitting once arc and creeper both left. This is also the first infraction I've gotten this map that is not considered "banter" or "memeing" the moderator SkyFlower, Formally known as GroundFlower, or Floor may have banned me a few times joking, while we were having fun. I also want to say that I had been warned the previous map, but never got a ban the whole time. I don't think it's exactly fair I got a permanent ban for this, but I won't fight it; if the moderators think a permanent ban is justified for my actions so be it. I had seen multiple times players use this tactic to claim the server had lagged, or something out of there control had happened to lead to an item getting destroyed. This allowed them to get a "replacement" item. I have commented about this multiple times talking about how easy it could be to abuse, but as with most things that are broken they stayed that way for years. Item replacements happen when an item gets destroyed or lost, coreprotect and most other server log/rollback plugins can not know when a player passes an item to another player. How to abuse the replacement items, wait for something large to happen on the server; lag spike, rollback, reset, etc. These events allow players to make up stories that arent exactly true, and get replacement items, this can be abused multiple ways and as I have proven, can lead to overpowered items getting "duped". I am not the first person to have done this, nor have I ever thought this is fair. I've commented multiple times about how this could be abused yet nobody had changed anything. I was hoping when I left and announced this the staff team would re-evaluate their pressure on replacements. Heres how I think it could be fixed, stop it. Stop releasing items that can be placed, there are tons of items that can be created that cant is placed or used. Example: All of the dyes, tools, weapons, mob drops(- string), armor. If you stop releasing items that could be used or placed and then announce you're not going to be doing replacements this whole issue would be fixed. Unfortunately, its already too late for this map but I hope you will remember this next time you decide to reset. All of the cases I've seen of "missing super compass" or "lost rare sword" the items just don't disappear these are typically planned for players to get replacements. As I can not speak for everyone take this with a grain of salt, but I think most safe survival players could agree that the replacement system is broken. If I haven't proved that in this post, I might be able to clarify what I feel needs to change on discord. I'm really disappointed it had to come to me getting banned, and during one of the rarest items on the map for Schaum to finally realize what needs to change. If this shows you anything please start listening to your community, and pay more attention.
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  2. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    You were permbanned before this and we told you this was on a last chance basis. We were glad to have you back, but we can't allow players to take advantage of this.

    If you were trying to point out the system was flawed you went about it the wrong way completely. It seems more likely you're making an excuse after the fact you got the item you wanted and used the one time replacement system to your advantage. At least 1 message about it would have been more effective, and would not have resulted in a ban. How could any staff or anyone see this needs changed if you hide it this way. We never received a report from you or anyone else this had been abused.

    Some of this is my fault for not having more checks in place, but we do thoroughly look for evidence before replacing a voter/donator item. We will have a new system very soon.

    You lied to dupe the bow, you got banned, and are trying to justify only afterwards.

    For now the ban will stay, I will talk to the mods and see what they think.
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  3. To start off with, ide like to ask you don't hold my past against me. We both know maturity comes with age, and back in 2016/2017 I was probably 11-12 I've grown a lot in four years, and the person I was is not the person I am today. Ide also likes to say you never told me I was on a last chance basis, the first time I and you spoke was on discord 3/18/19 and it was about me reclaiming my donor rank, I've looked through our whole first conversation, nowhere did you mention this was the last chance basis. If you don't believe me feel free to look in our discord private messages, but I've also attached a picture. I feel that I've proven I've grown with my behavior, This is the first time I've been banned since I've come back, why would I throw that all away for a second spleef bow, when I've already had two at that point (One was given to CloverPetal, I had the other one). I don't think you exactly understand what I was saying so maybe this will help. I've commented on this before, but because of past experiences with suggestions and reports most things on SafeSurvival don't get fixed. Why would I make a report, when all of my previous reports have gotten me nothing? I had reported multiple times in helpop and on discord about homophobia, and other offensive things that had happened while online and none of them have ever been solved. I'm not sure why you think I would throw away almost a year's worth of work rebuilding friendships for a spleef bow. At the time of this event, I had 20 Stacks of diamond blocks, about 4 double chests of rares, and 3 double chests of heads.. If I wanted another spleef bow, I could have bought one in a heartbeat. This isn't about wanting more items, or covering my own butt this is about your system is broken, please don't try and tell me I did this to coverup something. I told flower, I hid nothing. I had no reason to do this but to prove a point, I've made reports in the past which never lead to any real change. Flower had even told me it was funny how easy it is to get replacements this way, I'm, not the first person to do this, and unless you start to change I won't be the last.

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  4. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    My mistake on that, it isn't in the chat logs. Thought it is what I discussed with the mods, we never put it in writing, I vaguely remember talking about it in game but cannot be certain now. You were still permbanned before however.

    And I do agree with the fact that was the past, and you are more mature now. Still though, I have not seen a single report of this being abused, I'm not sure if any mods have either. I haven't seen any complaints about it. And we will for sure have a new system.

    I stand with my original answer that your way of trying to prove this is a broken system is wrong, and you went about it completely wrong. I don't see how you can justify trying to get a dupe item this way. It was not a good idea to take a chance. Also... I replace it a long time ago. Why did you not report it sooner then.

    I'm also not sure what reports you've made in the past you're talking about. As for homophobic, insulting remarks and such being said in chat - that's something we are very good at enforcing. I haven't seen any reports about that going unaddressed.
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  5. Ok, I'm really just disappointed at this point. I've tried to reason with you, and explain my frustration with both they report system and the replacement issues. You clearly don't want the same outcome as I do, so let's follow your rules, ok?
    I have no history from the last three maps I have played on for "Duping" according to your rules the first offence is three months.
    Exact quote from : https://www.safesurvival.net/threads/rules-safe-survival-official-rules-and-faq.5/
    The post, you made.
    4. Duping
    1st Offense: 3 month ban, players trying to help others dupe can also be banned
    2nd Offense: Permanent ban

    This is my first offense for Duping any item, why are you going straight to the second offense? I understand you may not like me, or agree with the way I do things. But at least follow your own set of rules.
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  6. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    Prove what I said in my previous post that I'm wrong then, what report has gone unanswered? When has this flaw in the replacements ever been brought up? You got the spleef bow replacement a while ago, why did you wait so long to bring it up if you thought the replacements were a problem?

    We like having you on the server, but you broke the rules and your story makes no sense. Will see what the mods think about banwise in the meantime, like I said.
  7. The report issue is in my dm's with skyflower. I do not currently have her on my discord if she sends me a friend request I can look through our chat logs, we use to talk a bunch. I quit safe 3 days after I received the bow because I didn't want to be around you and multiple other players, and honestly.. I just left. I'm sorry I don't constantly think about the server, but once the server kept crashing and rollbacks kept happening I said I was done, and joined a new server. If you want u can check the logs and see I kept the bow in a barrel until today. and the other bow was in my ender chest, never even got a chance to shoot it. I haven't been very active in a while just never publicly announced me leaving because last time I did and I came back some players made fun of me for coming back. I didn't want to deal with that again so I decided just to quietly leave, came back today because another one of my friends announced they were leaving and gave away their items, Thought ide finally let go as I'm happier on the other server and came on. I've now answered all of your questions, answer mine. Why are u taking this personally? Why are you not following your set of rules? Why are you treating me differently than anyone else? What did I do to deserve this? I've helped you with the pvp billy, with spawn shop ideas, and with your occasional worldguard issues. I seriously don't understand why you are giving me the second offense when we are both aware I've never Duped before. This isn't just a ban, this is personal to you, Why? If it was just a ban you would follow your own set of rules.
  8. SkyFlower

    SkyFlower Moderator Moderator

    Hi Durpy, I would like to spread additional light on this entire situation. First, for your first permaban, you were told that if you did anything else you would be permabanned. You continued resulting in your first permaban. As a reminder bans do stack, which I will get more into later. You purposefully and intentionally messaged Schaum asking for another spleef bow in order to dupe it, which is entirely your fault.

    Here you are saying that basically you saw other people do it so you did it yourself. As a moderator I have seen people abuse x-ray, abuse hacked clients, cheat, hack, steal, and more. That does not mean it is okay or allowed. If you see someone abuse something you report them, not do it yourself. You intentionally duped and now you are banned. What other outcome did you expect?

    Durpy maybe it wasn't specifically stated maybe it was that it was your last chance. However, even if we did not specifically state that you had one more chance you said yourself in your own ban appeal you were asking for one chance. This chance was used. Maybe we didn't tell you that you had one more chance, but you did ask for one.

    [18:45:20] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [| Durpinator | _Durpy -> me] yeah i duped it anyways lol
    [18:45:26] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> | Durpinator | _Durpy] DURPY [18:45:27]
    [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> | Durpinator | _Durpy] sjkssjs [18:45:30]
    [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [| Durpinator | _Durpy -> me] what
    [18:45:33] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [| Durpinator | _Durpy -> me] i dont like the server
    [18:45:36] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [| Durpinator | _Durpy -> me] plus schaums an idiot
    [18:45:39] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> | Durpinator | _Durpy] god
    [18:45:43] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [| Durpinator | _Durpy -> me] he was the one who duped it for me
    Here are logs to part of our conversation. You just did it, because you wanted to get away with it not to prove a point. Also, I will admit I said it was funny, but I was honestly just trying to see if you duped anything else.

    Finally, we do follow our own rules.

    Bans stack. Any punishable offense may be stacked with another. We stacked your history of general disrespect with your this instance of duping crating a permaban because they're such large offenses.

    We aren't treating you differently. If we didn't ban you it would be favoritism for these exact reasons. What you did to deserve this? You lied, you stole, and you duped. That's what you did to deserve this. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but that's the sad reality of the situation. You chose to dupe.

    In summary, it is no one's fault but your own for your current ban. You choose to dupe, you choose to come back to the server knowing your history, and you choose to purposefully deceive the owner of the server. You asked for once more chance which we gave you. You abused this chance. As of now, we will not be lifting the ban.

    I hope my response cleared up some confusion,
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  9. First of all, ide like to clarify why I was banned for the first time. It was not because I broke a rule ingame, I was told ingame by Shan (Ex-Admin) that if I were to break another rule I would get banned for six months. Which, after I broke a rule and invited a player to a Minecraft server I had created in 2017 I was then banned for six months. Then, out of rage and immaturity, I came onto the forums and created about five or six posts yelling, swearing, offending, and being disrespectful to the staff. This then led to a perm ban on the forums and in-game. I'm certain if you can get in contact with Shan she may be able to tell you her side of the story, although I'm not sure how reliable she would be because after joining a different server this year and telling her she smelled like a fish stick she permanently banned me on that server for "No Intent To Play." As Schaum apologized for before I was never directly told when I rejoined that I was on a one ban basis, and if you guys could find un-edited logs of a moderator telling me this please do so. Ingame logs are not reliable as they can be easily changed and manipulated to help your, or my side of this story. Discord Private Messages, or Discord Server Messages could show proof of you telling me I was on a one ban basis. Also your Pastebin message, Could you please link me to this ban appeal. Thank you
  10. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    I think flowered explained it well too, I'm not personally angry or upset in any way. I liked your input and suggestions and wanted you to stay on the server. Would you still be interested in coming back? We always do plan to change for the better and will have a better replacement system like I said. I'm not trying to make anyone mad here.
  11. SkyFlower

    SkyFlower Moderator Moderator

    You sent the appeal as a pastebin, or schaum sent it that way. I only have the Pastebin.
  12. At this point, I am not interested in coming back or playing in any form. But The friendships I've made on the server mean a lot to me. I don't care about my items or my builds. I just want to be able to talk to my friends again.
  13. Although I do remember making a post for my ban appeal, this is not valid as pastebins can be edited the same way minecraft chat logs can.
  14. SkyFlower

    SkyFlower Moderator Moderator

    You can look at the post date at the top, it is by someone without an account. You can't edit pastebins if you made them without an account.
  15. No, I posted it on the forums. Lefik had me blocked for white a while, was never able to message him(He banned me), and if I did send it over discord it would be in me + schaums private messages. Which its not, because my first message to him was about getting my rank back.
  16. SkyFlower

    SkyFlower Moderator Moderator

    The Discord account you used to appeal was called the childish one.
    "TheChildishOneToday at 6:53 PM hi
    ShazepeToday at 6:53 PM hi
    TheChildishOneToday at 6:53 PM question do you think people can change?
    ShazepeToday at 6:53 PM Is this who I think it is lol
    TheChildishOneToday at 6:54 PM please just im so sorry i was so young and stupid i just would like 1 more chance i beg, its been 2 years
    ShazepeToday at 6:54 PM durpy right? I thought that was you in game too. Lemme ask the mods, its been a while so lemme see
  17. this story your painting doesn't line up.. like at all, maybe have schaum do the talking
  18. 1, why are u sending this not schaum?
    2, please use screenshots this could so easily be modified, although
    im not sure what secondary account I would have used, this is possible. I have quite a bad memory
  19. SkyFlower

    SkyFlower Moderator Moderator


    This was from March 18th. The same day the Pastebin was created. Same logs that I posted above.
  20. This is not what I mean. I need screenshots from schaum, from this account. This is not proof this is text, have schaum screenshot the discord messages and send them. I will try my other emails and see if one of them line up with "TheChildishOne"
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