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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Enelis, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Enelis

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    Hi guys! I know I'm not typically present on the forums but I wanted to get this message out and about more than just in-game! I'm planning on doing a second drop party at Mega Taiga Warp! It'll be during September, possibly Sunday the 20th but that's subject to change. I'll post updates in the thread as the time gets closer, but for now I'll be providing the details I can and listing a handful of featured items!

    Day: Possibly September 20th, not sure yet.
    Time: TBD
    Where: Mega Taiga Warp, right in front of the first building to your right when you walk straight! It has a small pond at the front with fish in it if that helps. :>
    How: Items will be flying off the roof! Just like last time.

    There's a donation hopper in front of that building (by the pond) specifically for drop party donations, so if you want to donate anything, that's where it goes! Anything's appreciated, even if it isn't valuables or rares. As long as it's acceptable DP material, you can be as creative as you want, just please don't donate junk material or on-purpose filler items!

    Some featured items are:
    • A couple of enchanted golden apples!
    • Three beacons!
    • A few wither skeleton skulls!
    • Team Mooshroom T-Shirts! I have too many pls send help
    • A Super Rod (Luck of the Sea IV, Lure IV, Mending, and Unbreaking IV)!
    • Various enchantment books!
    • Two light blue shulker boxes!
    • The obvious drop party stuff: Diamonds, Emeralds, Gold, Iron, and a couple stacks of EXP bottles!
    • BOATS! I'm just naming three acacia boats and dropping them cuz people absolutely loved the boats last time, I don't know why the boats were a hit but it was awesome. xD
    And that's just the preview! With future donations and lots of other unannounced items, there's much more to be dropped! I hope to see you there, it's gonna be great!! : D
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  2. omg boats!!!!! man didnt get any last time i hope i get some this drop party! Anyways thanks enny im so exited!! :O
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  3. I got a boat :D

    And I am excited for the DP! Let’s hope I get something good :p
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  4. thank you enny!! ill try to be there :D
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  5. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    An enchanted ELYTRA has been donated, and a single chest's worth of EXP bottles has been donated!! Also now that 1.16 is here, I will be upgrading one tool that's in the DP items to netherite!!! Thanks to everyone for their donations; for anyone who gives big donations or netherite donations please reach out to me and I'll be more than happy to give you credit <3

    We're not sure about the date of the drop party yet, hopefully soon :D
  6. :0 epicccc
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  7. Nice!
  8. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    Another update!!! In terms of the day we're doing the DP, I have narrowed it down to next weekend! So it will be either on the 19th or the 20th. I will update you guys as soon as I know which of those days I'm not going out of town. I am also now aiming to do the drop party at 2:00PM EDT regardless of which day it'll be!

    Some extra heads and rares have been donated! Another single chest's worth of EXP bottles has been donated, EXP bottles coming out of my ears but I'm excited!!! xD Two whole boats have been donated!!! Lol. A couple more Team Mooshroom T-shirts have been donated! Another unbreakable wooden hoe has been donated! Lou's staff item has been donated! (Lou's Bell) Jaffa's staff item has been donated! (Jodie's Lava Bucket) And lastly, a Dragon Head has been donated!! I know I'm not listing all donations but that's a decent amount of them ksdjksd. I'll be listing donators and helpers when I know what day the DP is, I think I have most people's names on a list but may not have all, sorry in advance if I miss someone, I feel like I am which sucks but I'll do my best. ;v;

    I think that's all I want to update for now. Hopefully I'll be able to officially release the DP date later today; we'll see! Have a great week guys! :D
  9. If you'd like I will donate a dub of boats
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  10. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    As amazing and hilarious as that would be I think that'd be too many filler items with all the other stuff I have. XD ty tho!!!
  11. Samicans

    Samicans Villager

    what is a drop party and how do i participate?
    also im just gonna chuck all my xp bottles in there
  12. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    A drop party is where someone drops items (typically diamonds nad valuables but also other items), off of a high structure where everybody stands below and rushes to pick up the items! On Safe the drops are picked up more randomly than picked up by whoever has the best ping so more people have a better chance of getting drops! And thanks so much :D I very much appreciate it!!!
  13. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    GOOD NEWS!!! We for sure are now doing the drop party on Sunday, September 20th! Again the drop party will be at 2:00PM Eastern Time! I hope to see you all there!!
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  14. Samicans

    Samicans Villager

    nice i can make it :D
  15. Samicans

    Samicans Villager

    turns out i cant make it :(
  16. I will just about manage to make it because I have to do my school work at home, (ugh) I have to get up WAY earlier than I do and that goes the same for sleeping. Anyway... yes i can make it just about.



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