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    Hey everyone,

    Due to the demand from players asking event staff to host in their time zones we have decided to start alternating when we host so US and EU players can both enjoy the fun.

    The dragon will be respawned on the first Saturday of every month.

    New rule of harming the dragon before the crystals are broken is being added so players can collect more dragon's breath. (You will have 5 mins to collect dragons breath then crystals will be broken. Make sure to remove any thorns armor as it hurts the dragon. Failure to follow this rule and you will be kicked from the event.)

    The next respawn will be on Saturday, December 5th at 10am ET (For EU players)

    Also working on getting a time set to include players in Asia/ Pacific time zones! Stay tuned for that!!
    (This post will be updated with new info as well as a comment being posted with new fight times)

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