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Discussion in 'Reports' started by Shazepe, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Shazepe

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    The automatic reclaim only allows 1 reclaim of a certain rank. If you've purchased a rank more than once, please post it here and we'll give it to you.

    Also, if a reclaim isn't working for you, pls post here as well. Some older versions of the ranks may not have reclaim abilities.

    Edit: I'm deleting posts I've check and given stuff back to - or the ability to reclaim. Pls try to reclaim before posting here again, but do post if something isn't reclaiming right.
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  2. Alsandair

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    Hey Shaz, I have 3 Mythical ranks, 2 Nebula, and one Galaxy that I have receipts for. Probably more that I delete receipts for. I'd like to claim what I'm owed.
    I'll be out of country for a while so please give Hikoo my stuff to hold onto
  3. When you get the chance, just need to reclaim old Epic (2017). Thanks!
  4. Hi, I didn't get the Dragon Head from reclaiming MVP (although I got the rest of the rewards) and also Builder rank. Thanks!
  5. Making a post here again, since the last one was removed but not reclaimed yet. I understand that Shaz is really busy, all i want is to make sure that eventually it is going to come around.

    Ranks in question are bacon and builder, IGN is FerociousViper. ATM there is also the rewards for Galaxy in my inventory, which i cleared out except for the rewards. These i already had so i thought i'd leave the second one in my inventory, since i shouldnt have it, and this way it can be properly disposed or something like that.
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  6. Andrew

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    So I have a couple of really odd questions.
    Firstly, I previously bought Bacon, Builder, Premium and Epic individually for myself. I am unsure about whether I have purchased duplicates of these for myself and unfortunately I have made so many purchases over the years that the history of my payments does not clearly demonstrate whether I have or not, including the few email receipts I have. If at all you have access to how many times I've purchased things, that would be useful.

    Also, the current listed discounts on the Store website make it seem like I have only bought up to Premium in terms of how much money is discounted. Not sure if that has changed or if its been a different number.

    Lastly, and most unimportant, I have previously bought ranks for other individuals and they got themselves permabanned. Is there any way I could reclaim those for myself? Theoretically I still purchased it, but I know that's pushing my luck lol.

    Thank you for your time.

    Edit: I just found a bunch of receipts. Apparently the email it sent to changed so I had only a few on one of them. I will work on going through them.
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  7. Hey Shaz. Miss the Easter Pack, Guardian Pack, Builder Pack and the Food Pack :)

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