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  1. You and your friends find yourself in a cave filled with trolls. You can either choose to fight, and possibly gain their items, or flee.

    Boredom is totally no the reason I made this post
  2. Fight!
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  3. uh, i would fight because of more stuff
  4. Ultra rolls a 4 for attack, he feebly throws his favorite bouncy ball at a troll. This angers the trolls.

    Seems like luck is on CTK's side, he rolled a 20 and has managed to defeat the group. This however has no effect, as Ultra's bouncy balls has caused the trolls to call for reinforcements. Blame Ultra
  5. LOL rip. >:O ultra!!!!!
  6. Yikes.

    I feel like that was somehow my bad...
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  7. But wait- if he defeated the group how did they call reinforcements?
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  8. Too slow didn't stop them before they call their big friend, Pipsqueak and his 16 family members

    and I never said you died, there's just more coming your way.
    You might get a good start by looting those trolls you killed
  9. Ok uh.... the Stout Hammer (My name) decides to let CTK's player distract the trolls while he loots the
    dead trolls.
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  10. good move, Ctk loots a bazooka.

    hey wait a minute how did that get there?
  11. Nono CTK distracts them and I loot the bazooka
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  12. Ultra proceeds to rip the bazooka from Ctk's arms.

    How rude
  13. That wasn't the-

    I said CTK would distract them and I would loot the bazooka.
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  14. You roll a 2, CTK does not hear your apologies.

    A lucky 14, nice one, you kill all but 5 goblins with that bazooka of yours.

    Sadly, you forgot to grab the ammunition, and CTK has all of the ammo for your weapon
  15. Ultra asks nicely for the ammo
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  16. Lookie here folks, we got some rootin tootin drama going on
  17. I snatch the ammo from CTK's hands

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  18. I abandon the cause and walk away into a diner to get lunch
  19. I follow CTK as a fellow Hippie :)
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