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  1. Ive been holding back on this for a long time now...
    after seeing many unanswered & cleared helpop situations, i feel the need for a community help channel is definitely needed.
    Theres many times when someone from the community can help but get warned for responding & the helpop being cleared, then nothing gets helped with.
    With a community help channel it would solve much of the issues at hand as well as clearing helpop & general chat of the help chatter.
    This is to help lighten the load on the staff as well as get help to those that need it in a timely manner.

    thank you for coming to my ted talk
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  2. doubex1

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    I personally don't think another channel will help this out I mean as the channel states "If you know the answer to someone's question, either ping them in the one of the other channels, or message them directly." As well as always being able to ask these questions in game, in general or any other regular channel for that matter. We want to avoid creating channels on the discord server that clutter it up and already serve a purpose elsewhere. As well as it would end up being in the chat & media section of the discord along with general-chat.
    Previously we allowed a response to player helpop's in there in the early stages of the channel, but soon found out that it never helped and discussions would continue there instead of in general chat. That is why we came up with that rule so it wouldn't be cluttered. Those three channels are the only ones I personally have unmuted. These are just my two cents as a player and mod.

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