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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Devilgod0987, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. In Game Name: Devilgod0987


    Vote Rank Recruit

    Eastern Standard Time

    What time of day:
    I usaully play 3 to 4:30 monday through friday cause of school weekends i play 12 to 2.

    Past mod expirience:
    Ive never been a moderator but in my school i was awarded most mature and class president so i am good at resolving issues without fighting.

    Like and Dislikes:
    I like your moderators they are nice. I was playing and this guy wanted tp to his freind a mod said hey let me help. The mod tpd the guy to his freind and i thought that it was cool how he was there right away. Not many things i dont like umm some people spam but your mods take care of that.

    Other Comments:
    One thing i would like to say is i like the layout of your server you have people who sell stuff and say hey you need help. The people on this server are very nice. Aso i like that you dont pay to become mod cause ive always wanted to be mod and every where you gotta pay thats another thing i like. Have great day.

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