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  1. Deviginti Spawner Set Up
    By 2019 & Thomas


    The biggest and best spawner set up is now public! 20 polar bear spawners, all activated simultaneously! Simply take their drops to the docks warp and trade them in for diamonds.

    2019 and I have worked tirelessly to amass a large sum of spawners! With a collection of 14 placeable spawners we upgraded a hexa all the way up to a Devignti spawner set up! We will still work to expand this as much as possible.

    Go through the nether portal at the Mushroom Island warp, then come to the coordinates x500 y36 z-3300 in the nether! Once you head through the portal there is a spot to sethome!

    You simply pay one diamond block to enter the spawner area. Once inside you can grind a full inventory of fish and go trade it in at the docks warp!

    A full inventory of fish is worth 48 diamonds! You can gather that in just over 16 minutes! With the entry fee you can earn 39 diamonds every 16 minutes!


    Currently, all the profits from this are going towards investing in more spawners! We are aiming to make this a deviginti spawner set up! (20)

    There are a few key settings you can change to reduce lag as much as possible! Trust me, they work!

    a) Install Optifine
    b) Animation Settings:
    - Water Animated Off
    - Smoke Animated Off
    - Water Particles Off
    - Dripping Water/Lava Off
    - Particles Decreased
    - Flame Animated Off
    - Fire Animated Off
    c) Render Distance - Low as you wish
    d)Graphics - Fast

    You can choose to apply as many of these as you need!


    We hope you will swing by and use this great money making method! Just make sure you read the rules and all the signs before using. Without the correct minecraft settings it gets very laggy!

    - 2019 & Thomas


    Sorry if these rules seem harsh/strict, but we've invested a lot of time and valuables into these spawners and we would like to keep them safe and respected!

    By entering the spawner you accept the following terms and conditions:

    1. The one diamond block entry fee will get you one-time access. You will be able to enter, grind polar bears and have access to 1 double chest of storage. You may only take what you can carry.

    2. The spawner may be closed at any time for any period of time by Thomas5200 and/or 2019.

    3. There is no sethome space past the door you pay to enter. You may not sethome inside the area if you find a possible sethome area. By going through the door and using the spawner, you agree that should you make an unauthorized sethome, you may be BANNED from the spawner, and/or banned from the server under the "Respect Other Players" rule.

    4. Anything related to the spawners, including but not limited to the following may be changed:

    a) Price of entry
    b) Type of spawner
    c) Storage Space

    5. We reserve the right to ban any and all players from the spawner area. Failure to respect a ban may result in a server ban under the "Respect Other Players" rule.

    6. Reporting this set up for "lag" to staff may lead to a ban from the spawner area. You are responsible for adjusting your settings in a way which deals with any lag that may happen. We recommend you use our recommended settings for lag which can be found on the forums.

    Please Note: Harassing staff about lag is not OK. If it is too laggy for you and/or you do not wish to adjust your settings appropriately, do not use the spawner set up. This set up is far away from any populated locations and as such, it causes no lag to any nearby settlements. Any lag is completely avoidable by not entering and/or using the spawner set up.

    7. We can not be blamed for any entity cramming which is a result of a player's inactivity in the game. Any ban for entity cramming at a spawner, whether it's as a result of AFK'ing or something else is not our responsibility. Any server rule being broken is the responsibility of the staff team to deal with, not us, although we reserve the right to deal with any and all violations as we see fit.

    8. These terms and conditions may be amended at any time without any notice.

    Closing: By using this spawner, you agree to these terms. As such, you agree to all penalties and restrictions outlined in this agreement. If you have an issue with this, please contact 2019 or Thomas5200

    The following players have been banned from the spawners. If you see them there, please follow these steps:

    1) Take a screenshot
    2) Note the time (in your timezone)
    3) Message either myself or 2019

    Ban List:
    1. oBlazin - Illegal Sethome
    2. Durpy_ - Illegal Sethome
    3. CreeperStyle17 - Illegal Sethome


    1. It is assumed that you have only a sword on you so you may carry 36 stacks of fish when doing the diamonds/minute calculations.
    2. Please note: We will not be giving players permanent access/trust at this area. The only time we may consider this is if a player contributed 2+ spawners.
    3. Disrespecting other players using the spawner may lead to a ban from the spawner.
    4. We are under no obligation to provide a refund if you throw a diamond block in and are too slow to make it through the door. Sorry ;(
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  2. cool
  3. I like this spawner but have one issue: it’s popularity. Popular spawners main problem is you are constantly competing for the drops, and I had to deal with people hiding around a corner only going to the chest to take my drops. Took me 15 min to make my money back.
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  4. Yeah, the problem with just having opened is that many players are excited to come use it. We ask that players respect each other and take turns, but you should keep in mind that once it's calmed down a bit there will be less players around. Plus, come around when it isn't a peak time on the server and you should be good to go! :)
  5. Can I Just Say: This is crazy. People keep one upping each other on spawners lol
  6. There is a pathway there from Mushroom Warp Nether Portal. 500 Block Journey.
    Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 4.41.49 PM.png

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  7. What about selling VIP membership? It can cost like 20-40 db and grant you permanent access and a special VIP lounge :D
  8. We don't want to sell permanent access to anyone because then we'd have less say over the spawner. If at some point we wanted to change/close the spawner there'd be issues with whether or not we'd have to refund, if so how much, etc. ;)
  9. I gave it a shot and you definitely make more than you pay for so there is profit.
    Also, even when you lower graphics settings it's still really laggy.
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  10. Wow... Just wow...
    This is amazing! Can't wait to see what you do with it in the future.
    Would also be nice to see a way for people to get permanent access for a larger sum of db :3
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  11. You say you can earn 39 diamonds where as it is 31 because the entry fee is 1Diamond Block. This is a small issue for a great farm though!
  12. Our calculations are based off a player coming in with only a sword, therefore leaving 36 slots for fish. That leads to 48 diamonds, minus the 9 diamonds entry is 39!

    Additionally. I will edit the original post with optimal settings for rescuing lag. It’s mainly particles that cause it. :)
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  13. Underneath the earth of this mountain, is where the Quindecim spawner lays
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  14. This is now a sedecim spawner set up! (16)

    This was made possible by all the people using the spawner! We thank all who contributed an entry fee. :)
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  15. This is seen in the limited time slime spawners
  16. Nice work guy...
    When I buy mythical should I sell the spawner to you guys? :/
  17. By now public, do you mean it is now free or is it that it is open but still has the toll cost. If it does still have the entry cost it is still a great spawner!
  18. "You simply pay one diamond block to enter the spawner area. Once inside you can grind a full inventory of fish and go trade it in at the docks warp!" -Thomas 4/8/19
  19. Ye
    s but I don’t think it said “Now Public” When he said that. Thanks though
  20. Updates:
    1. The 2-minute timer has been removed.
    2. You can now stand on the pressure plate which activates the following:
      - All the spawners on a 40 item clock
      - A door behind you which provides you with some extra privacy
    3. New entry room adjoining the nether portal
      - Cute Polar Bear banner art
      - Nametag shop
      - Polar Bear sword shop
      - Sethome Spot
      - Enderchest & Crafting Table
      - Better signage for your use

    Enjoy the new updates, everyone! Some have been in place for a little bit, but others were just put in today!
    - 2019 & Thomas

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