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  1. Hello everyone,

    For the month of October Desert warp will be having a month long event celebrating the holiday of Halloween. This will be very similar to the Fourth of July Disco. We will be hosting many events as listed:

    •Month long give-away
    •Drop party*
    •Disco (we will be re-designing the old disco room)*
    •Token Hunt (with prizes)
    •We will be redecorating the whole warp in a halloween & spooky theme.
    •And more™

    If you would like to help decorate or donate please message CTK04Scout_is_Me in game or eilatan#9130 or message blah28722 or blah#1594.

    lots of enchant coupons and a few shulker boxes will be given out curtesy of yours truly <3

    All events with * will be a few days before halloween day as to not draw interest from the official server halloween event.

    ~Desert warp
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  2. ukjc

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    Might want to change the ign for yourself scout ;P
  3. Yeah, it’s usjk now for anyone wondering so if you wanna decorate or donate /msg usjk
  4. Well, you know you have a DJ ready to be called for :)

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