Desert Warp April News (DROP PARTY, New Public Villager Hall)

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    Hey everyone! The Desert Warp team has been working very hard these past few weeks on completing Phase 3 of the Desert Warp Mall Complex. At this time, Phase 3 construction is wrapping up, and to celebrate, warp administration have planned a Drop Party!

    The current planned time for the Drop Party is 4/11/2021, at 4PM EDT.

    The Drop Party will take place near the main entrance to Phase 1/3, or near the Nether/End/Maparts sections of the mall. There is also a lime green beacon at the spot; this is where the previous Desert Warp Drop Party was held.

    If you would like to donate, I will set up a donations box in front of the exchange. Please do not spam junk in here, thanks.

    Don't leave yet! There's a bit more news I'd like to share.

    Warp staff have been working hard to build a new public villager hall! This villager hall contains 192 (Yes, 192) villagers on 3 different levels. (And yes, it is within entity limit rules.) It is located next to the color area of the mall. Head south from the warp point, and turn left at the first intersection you see; the hall entrance will be right there. upload_2021-4-4_10-33-51.png

    The hall's villager makeup is the following:

    Floor B1 (Basement 1)
    • 24 Cartographers
    • 10 Shepherds
    • 10 Librarians
    • 10 Fishermen
    • 10 Butchers
    Floor B2
    • 20 Fletchers
    • 12 Armorers
    • 12 Toolsmiths
    • 10 Weaponsmiths
    • 10 Clerics
    Floor B3
    • 32 Farmers
    • 32 Masons

    I'd like to thank the following people for their contributions to the hall:
    Thank you to _kwix_ for allowing us to use his villager pen design.
    Thank you to Glitch and Lem for working hard on the villager hall decor and for finishing it very quickly.
    Finally, thank you to my team of vultures who ate up all the junk created by upgrading villagers.

    Anyways, I hope you all enjoy using the hall, and I hope you all can attend the upcoming Drop Party! That's all for now.

    Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. ​
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  2. Cosunde

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    Update: Drop party will now be held at the ore exchange. We're up to 6000 donated items so far, as of last count!

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