DemxnChxld's Storage for SALE!!!

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Demxn, Jun 28, 2020.

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    Major Bruh Moment ikik, it's my storage?? Why am I selling it???

    Well, the reason for me doing that is that... well... I don't really have a reason. I just want to move bases and honestly this is the only way that I can think to do it. Anyways, the set price is 289 diamonds after calculating all of the prices based off of 1. Profiting a little bit off of months of item gathering basically, and 2. Mega Market and shop prices for the items in the chests.

    While there IS too many items to list here, I can however give photos of the labeled chests, with the prices of the chests written on each sign. There are about 20 unaccounted chests which have been priced for less than a stack of diamonds for convienence after a quick glance inside of their contents.

    The items will not be sold separately, the whole claim will be abandoned and you can claim however you want to. There are some unpriced things worth atleast 5+ dbs, such as an unfinished mapart (Base, no colors except for a heck of a lot of black concrete) and some placed maparts in the claim, such as fake gold ore and a heart cube mapart. I have not mined directly under the claim, and the outer area is extremely ugly. Not the best place to make a base imo, so refrain from buying this for a nice base area.

    Here are the chests:

    2020-06-28_02.46.21.png 2020-06-28_02.46.11.png

    2020-06-28_02.45.55.png 2020-06-28_02.45.50.png 2020-06-28_02.45.46.png 2020-06-28_02.45.35.png

    These aren't taken inventory of, but this is a bit more information than I was willing to give a bit ago.

    The price IS NON NEGOTIABLE, and I am selling the WHOLE CLAIM (I will have it transferred and give you the coordinates, or I will abandon the claim and you can fly here)
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    Tell me if there's anything you guys need to know in replies
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    Ill buy maam
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    ok bb
  5. Where is this?
  6. I would love some lanterns
  7. I need some "industrial" styled blocks. What would you suggest?
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  8. If you take a look at Iskalls hermitcraft series he makes an industrial styled factory. I can’t remember the blocks but I would suggest those blocks for industrial.