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Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by N0B0DY_H3R3, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. can i have my build claim back please?
    don't take it without my permission...
  2. M1135

    M1135 Veteran

    I suggest messaging a mod this isnt good Hes not gonna respond to you without mod intervention im guessing
  3. i already have, i messaged Lefik about the issue and I hope he replys
  4. M1135

    M1135 Veteran

    post it in the reports section for faster response in discord
    I would post it in Urgent reports Im guessing this is your main base
  5. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate Moderator

    You can also do /helpop when in game to get help with this.

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