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  1. CloverPetal

    CloverPetal Moderator Moderator

    Hello! I'm opening requests for custom mc skins. Will be charging 5 diamonds per skin made/edited. If you are interested, please fill out the form below.

    Discord Username:
    Steve(4 pxl arms) or Alex(3 pxl arms) Model:
    Edit Current Skin?:
    Description: (hoodie, headband, eye color, hair color, shoes, etc)
    References(optional): (images, other skins, etc)

    Once the skin is complete, I'll send the file on discord and accept payment :)

    Examples of skins I've made:
    upload_2020-3-18_12-5-56.png (mine)
    upload_2020-3-18_12-8-15.png -> upload_2020-3-18_12-8-42.png (Nutalie)
    upload_2020-3-18_12-9-29.png (P0VA)
    upload_2020-3-18_12-10-11.png (YuSalty)
    upload_2020-3-18_12-12-49.png (Ryvered)
    upload_2020-3-18_12-14-56.png (Hikooo)
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  2. IGN:LawrenceChiu
    Edit Current Skin:I need a new pants please
  3. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    :O I would absolutely love a custom made skin, especially from you!! I have been thinking about this for a while tbh and I have a few ideas in mind, & if you want you could do more than one skin. I'd pay very well indeed :>

    IGN: Enelis
    Discord Username: Enelis#0608
    Alex (slim armed) model
    I don't know if a redesign/revamp counts as an edit, soooo.. lol. Up to you what you do with it, though I would like to keep the general color(s) for hair/eyes, and I would like the head to be sort of versatile in case I ever choose to ask for an outfit edit.

    Description of idea #1: Casual, unripped jeans and blue plaid/flannel (If you want a better idea of what I'm thinking in terms of color, I can send you an image via discord).
    Description of idea #2: Safe Survival themed! Same sort of jeans unless you have a better idea, but a hoodie with some sort of SS thing on the back if possible. I know it can be hard with so limited of space.
    Description of idea #3: Some sort of lizard/gecko outfit, maybe a onesie, just for grins :>

    As for shoes on all of these, feel free to be creative, I don't mind, my shoes have never been that good (except for Christmas boots :>) so I'm fine with any upgrade I can get. xD
    For reference to my skin, feel free to use a skin stealer or look at namemc. Or I can send you an image via Discord.
    Thanks so much for offering to make skins!!! I'm super excited and will definitely pay more diamonds than your standard rate. :>
  4. IGN: RileyFS
    Discord Username: BabyRiley#2042
    Steve (Slim) Model
    New Skin
    Description: I was hoping for a (white-skinned) skin that is darker in color, like black and gray, or white, with either a hoodie or semi-long (black) hair, with roses or something with the vibe of the reference skin on it. in addition I was hoping that most of the face is covered and only eyes and, depending on the skin, the mouth are showing. as for pants, either ripped or unripped jeans, preferably ripped, and maybe adidas-style shoes, that match the skin, so probably white or black/grey. ( I feel as though a good reference for this skin would be a depressed/sad/darker type skin.) (I also would like a concept similar to GamerDrew620's skin)

    local_c86fe3a4fee45a6e63597b3eba57f392_3D.png local_7a83595078dea9db7391f0537b41c70c_3D.png
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  5. Stakar

    Stakar Recruit

    Sup! I'm VERY bad at making skins. If you could make one or two for me that would be great.
    IGN: StakarAzen
    Discord: you already know
    Forums: this user

    I would like a green shirt with a black backpack and jeans. I would like also a head and face of your own design. Eye color: grey. Steve model. Thx! Have an awesome day!
  6. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate Moderator

    Discord Username:If you dun know me by now lol
    Steve(4 pxl arms) or Alex(3 pxl arms) Model: There is a difference lol? Lets go old school of Steve
    Edit Current Skin?: Nah
    Description: (hoodie, headband, eye color, hair color, shoes, etc) Must be a redheaded pirate with a pegleg, eyepatch or headband and lavender eyes. Rest I leave up to the expert(you)
    References(optional): (images, other skins, etc)check me out on NameMC to see pirate themes I have used.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!
    could not sleep arrgh!
  7. IGN: SquareAngle
    Model: Alex
    Edit Current Skin?: Yes

    Please could you:
    - Maintain the same head (hair and facial features)
    - Change the green stripes on my hoodie with grey stripes, keep everything else and maintain the shading if possible.
    - Replace the black jeans with blue, unripped jeans (The colour being similar to that of your jeans)
    - Change the colour of my shoes to whatever you think seems fitting. Perhaps black if it looks nice.

    Thank you!
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  8. Stakar

    Stakar Recruit

    IGN: StakarAzen
    you already know my info
    i want 2 skins
    edit of the one you made for me recently
    skin 1: covid skin with a doctors uniform with mask.
    skin 1: me in a bee onesie (just make it where you can see my face and a lil bit of my hair)
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  9. 10/10 would recommend. I might just buy even more skins.
  10. IGN: YaniTLG
    Discord Username: Diamondminer:1111
    Model: Steve
    Edit Current Skin?: No thanks.
    Description: Blue hair, Headphones, Nerd glasses, Green eyes, A smile :), A purple hoodie, Dark blue pants, Sneakers. And I would like the skin color to be white.
    Reference: My current skin (The one with the rainbow shirt).
    Thank you!
  11. Niimh

    Niimh Villager

  12. Zamboozled

    Zamboozled Villager

    IGN: Zamboozled
    Discord Username: Zamboozled#8642
    Steve(4 pxl arms) or Alex(3 pxl arms) Model: Alex
    Edit Current Skin?: Yes
    Description: I mainly wanted a scarf and a business-casual look, so I looked up a sherlock holmes skin (Reference 1). However, the initial skin colour was extremely pale, so I darkened the skin a bit. I also added a streak of grey hair on the side so I added that as well (Reference 2). However, something still seems a bit off and I feel like the skin lacks character. Could you maybe polish the skin colour a bit, change the eye colour to dark brown, add some depth to the hair, and any other features that you think would make it better. Thanks!
    Reference 1 (Started with):
    Reference 2 (My attempt): (see attached)

    Attached Files:

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