Crankt's Selling list.

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Crankt, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. Crankt

    Crankt Recruit

    - Rares/Items -

    Explorer's Compass (+0.01 Speed, +2 Health, Blast Protection 1, Protection 1) - 10DB
    Pink Jelly Bean (+0.03 Speed, 0.04 Attack Speed, -4 Max Health) - 25DB
    Phoenix Feather (Fire Aspect II, Fire Protection IV, Projectile Protection II, Everlasting Flame, +0.5 Armor Toughness, +2 Armor) - 20DB
    Telescope *Hold in off hand to zoom in* (Unbreaking I, -100 Speed) - 10DB
    5th Anniversary SS Beanie (Mending, +0.5 Armor Toughness, +1.5 Armor) - 10DB

    Zombie Horse Egg - 7DB
    Skeleton Horse Egg - 7DB
    Totem of Undying - 5DB

    - Unbreakables -

    Easter 2020 T-Shirt (Protection IV, +0.5 Luck) - 10DB

    Crossbow - 10DB
    Diamond Hoe - 10DB
    Wooden Hoe - 5DB

    - Buying -

    Survivor's Blade

    Player Heads
    T-Rex Skull Head

    IGN: Crankt
    Discord: jM/Crankt#9608
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  2. How much for the slapping stick and pink cupcake head?
  3. Crankt

    Crankt Recruit

    Open to any offers.
  4. Would 3db for cupcake head and 15db for the slapping stick be ok?
  5. Crankt

    Crankt Recruit

    Yeah sure :)
  6. Crankt

    Crankt Recruit

    Update :D
  7. Mist

    Mist Villager

    Hey Crankt. I am interested in several items next time you are on. Or you can reach me on discord: Mistayadrln
  8. Crankt

    Crankt Recruit

    Bump ~
  9. I would like unbreakable crossbow
  10. Crankt

    Crankt Recruit

    No problem. Dm me when you're next on.
  11. Good to see you, Crankt! It's been a while since I've seen you around, probably due to the time frame that I'm online, lol. I'll happily buy the Christmas beanie for 15DB. I'm almost always online maybe an hour after the server's daily restart (restart is currently 3am EST, so 4am EST), but sometimes I'm online at the restart time too. If this doesn't work for you let me know a time zone and I can try my best to work with you to exchange DBs for it!

    Hope you're doing well,
  12. Crankt

    Crankt Recruit

    You too. Restart is around 8am for me so not usually on around then. This week i'll be on anytime from 2:30pm GMT, so 7:30pm EST.

    No rush, so jump on whenever!
  13. The math seems a bit off for me (though I've been feeling pretty groggy today so I can imagine just not thinking straight lol) but I went off of the GMT time because that's easy to just put on the internet and calculate.. That's not too many hours after I typically go to bed ;-; Though luckily I did sleep in a LOT today from not feeling well so there's a decent chance I can get get on around then xD I'll go to bed early tonight and set an alarm, that should work. If not don't worry too much about it; if it doesn't work out I can make a drop off spot at mega taiga that no one else can get into and that'd work.

    Hopefully see you tomorrow! (Well, today for you now if you're in GMT)