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  1. con

    con Recruit

    Age: 15

    Current Rank:
    Galaxy | Veteran


    What time(s) of day do you normally play:
    Due to my current schooling situations, I play everyone and as long as I like! :D

    Past Mod Experience:
    I have been staff on quite a few Minecraft servers.
    [Redacted] - Moderator
    [Redacted] - Moderator
    [Redacted] - Sr Moderator
    [Redacted] - Head Admin
    These are all PvP related servers, I have learned a lot when working on these servers.

    What do you like or dislike about the server?:

    I love the community, everyone is so kind, respectful and always being their nicest.
    The staff members are always ready to help, professional and happy to support everyone.

    The server can be really laggy sometimes which is quite annoying.
    The spawnrates are low, makes it hard to farm tridents etc.

    Other Comments:
    I have 3 punishments, 1 of which is false, I apologise and own up to my past mistakes, and I am much better now.


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