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    hi friends!!
    i have some rares for sale!

    pigstep: 15 db
    jellybean: offer!
    mysterious cloak: offer!
    flame lantern: offer!
    endermite spawn egg: 1.5 stacks or offer
    dolphin spawn egg: 40 db
    zombie horse spawn egg: 16 db
    zombie pigman sword: offer!
    party bow: offer!
    unbreakable leather shirt: 20 db
    unbreakable chain leggins: offer!
    Safe survivial beanie *5th ann*: offer!
    dragon egg: SOLD
    trident: SOLD

    fishing rod: offer!
    diamond hoe: offer!
    wooden hoe: 2 db or offer
    diamond axe: 28 db or offer
    knights sword: 50 db or offer (not sure about this price)

    items that have been sold will be marked out in red!
    offers: con#0003 or contact me ingame: /msg con

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