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Discussion in 'Selling' started by con, Apr 8, 2021.

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    helo friends, it is your friendly safesurvival turtle here..

    Zombie Pigman Sword (Unbreakable): Please offer :D
    Party bow (Power 5): Please offer :D
    Unbreakable fishing rod (No enchants): Please offer :D

    Bee egg: Not sure on the price, offer also :D
    Dolphin egg: 20 DB or offer!
    Endermite egg: Not sure of it's price, havent seen people selling it.

    Pig egg: 3 Diamonds
    Polar Bear egg: Offer!

    T-Shirt (Not like the one from a vote streak - Offer!
    Bunny leggings (x2): Offer!
    SS Beanie (5th anniversary): Offer
    T-Shirt (Team Mushroom): 1DB / Or offer

    Totem of Undying: 9 DB / Or offer
    Enchanted Golden Apple: 5 DB
    Nether star: 3 DB
    Shiny Hat (Crafting Table): 10 DB
    Pigstep: 11 DB
    Ruby (x2): 1 DB Each
    Beacon (3): 5 DB Each

    Pink Jelly Bean: Offer! :D

    Red marks sold :)

    bye friends!! -con
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    - msg me ingame or DM me on discord

    turblecon (/msg con)
  3. con

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    bump ;o

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