Connection issues for EU players

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  1. Shazepe

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    Some EU players have been having significant lag & connection problems. I've heard back from the host and am providing them some server details to help them fix this. I will post more updates here as I get them.

    Latest update from the host:
    "We are checking with our upstream for potential problems"
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  2. Durpy

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    Thank you!
  3. Wesley2610

    Wesley2610 Villager

    thanks shaz
  4. Thx Shazbic!
  5. Ultra you're not even in the EU lol
  6. Durpy

    Durpy Veteran

    nether are u o-o
  7. Thanks!
  8. ma'am faquarl is british, shes in Europe :>
  9. Well I mean in a year or so we might not be in the EU so you could say he is kinda right.
  10. Having connection problem here too from South East Asia
  11. Having no connection problems here in the UK!
  12. Ok, now I’ve said that, I start loosing connection every 10 minutes.

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