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  1. Necroxin

    Necroxin Moderator Moderator

    RE-EDIT: And we have our person back! Sorry for all the re-edits! I'll be working on setting up the bracket list for the tournament. NOTE: We didn't have very many sign up for the AM est tournament, so I'll be seeing if I can slide some from the PM tournament there. If you'd like to volunteer for that, just let me know! If all goes according to plan, the tournaments should be on either the 11th, or the 12th. Leaning more towards the 12th at the moment!

    Hello all! I'm working on setting up a tournament for all those who have been enjoying the Connect Four warp. There'll be two main tournaments, one for a more US friendly time zone (4-7PM EST), and one more friendly towards any outside the US (10AM-1PM). Both tournaments will hold 32 people max, unless the sign ups exceed that limit by quite a bit. The winners of both of those will then go against each other at a different time for an extra prize! The prize for the starter tournaments will be 8DB, and then the finale will be an extra 5DB to that winner! If you'd like to sign up, just comment down below with your username and your time zone so we can sort them out into the appropriate tournaments, or just give a preference to which time! Staff is allowed entry too if they'd like to compete!

    As for a set date, I'm looking to run it sometime the week of the 30th. I have a new job coming up that may change it, but I can't see it changing it drastically.

    Current rules for the competition:
    1: Only one entry is allowed! To try and get anyone who wants in a chance to play, entries will be limited to only one per person.
    2: Be polite to each other during the games! Yes, there is a prize for winning, but this is meant to be about fun, not hardcore competition!
    3: No glitching buttons! While the booths are mostly bug-free, there's still a few glitches here and there than happen from rapidly pressing buttons. Avoid doing this, please! There will be other staff helping watch the games, and if it's noticed that there's glitching being used, it could count against you in the match!
    4: Don't reset the board mid-game! That'll count as a loss!
    5: The winner of the match will be determined by a best of 3 out of 5!

    All in all, I'm just looking to give something fun for the players to do while having some friendly competition. Hope to see you there!
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  2. I'd like to sign up!

    IGN: my6OOpoundlife
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  3. Necroxin

    Necroxin Moderator Moderator

    Just need your time zone then too so we can get you sorted into one that's easiest for you to be on for! Or if you can do both, just give a preferred one!
  4. Loopy

    Loopy Villager

    QuantumLoops/Loopy :D
    Central Daylight Time is my timezone
    Looking forward to this!
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  5. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    Yay! Am all in for signing up! I can do either tournament. Whichever one I'm not participating in, I'm open to helping as well.

    IGN: Enelis
    Time zone: Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)
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  6. _Hikoo_

    _Hikoo_ Veteran

    May i join please. :)
    IGN: Hikooo.

    connect 4 comp when.
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  7. Y’all better be scared I’m joining

    ign: SkyFlower
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  8. jwlapham

    jwlapham Villager

    I'd like to join,

    ign: jwlapham

    Timezone: MST
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  9. CMPro

    CMPro Villager

    I'd love to join both, since I'm free basically 24/7 due to the virus, but I'll join the US-Friendly one.
    IGN: CMPro
    Timezone: CST

    Skyflower, I'm coming for you, and round 2 will not go the same as round 1.

    Will the tournament be bo3 or just 1 round per matchup?
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  10. Amiliana

    Amiliana Villager

    Hello! Would love to be part of this. My IGN is Amiliana, Timezone is AEST
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  11. Necroxin

    Necroxin Moderator Moderator

    Oh right! Thank you for reminding there! It'd be a best of 3, yes.
  12. Necroxin

    Necroxin Moderator Moderator

    Just need your time zone then too! You can do it by UTC if you'd like!
  13. IGN: ToasterStroodel
  14. Question: How do you decide who goes first? Because inherently the player who goes first has an advantage. Say you were to alternate, if comes to a final 5th round how would it be decided who goes first or would you play like first to lose while going first?
  15. JayTheBird3

    Time Zone: Mountain Time Zone (Arizona)
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  16. Zamboozled

    Zamboozled Villager

    Zamboozled, EST.
  17. BladeWave

    BladeWave inFAMOUS Admin

    IGN: BladeWave
    Timezone: I hope it's still EST

    Everyone will beat me. Let's go! :^)
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  18. Necroxin

    Necroxin Moderator Moderator

    That's a good question! What I may end up doing is a virtual coin flip, like on Google. And then set the box to be ready for the winner of the flip to go first. And from there, let it be as it goes. If anyone has other ideas for determining first move, feel free to suggest it!
  19. I'm all good with that - or you could make it fun by asking the players if they want to go first, condition is that if you choose to go first, you lose if you tie. If both players wanna go first or both wanna go second then we do a coin flip. I'm more for strategy than luck but idk simple coin toss sounds fine too.
  20. _Hikoo_

    _Hikoo_ Veteran

    my time is GMT+2 i think. but UTC is 2 hours away, which is so fine!! just tell us when it gonna be and exact time so i can make sure to be awake to play.
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