Connect Four Tournament 2.0

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    Hello, everyone! The Connect Four Tournament is almost here! The first tournament starts tomorrow (Saturday the 13th) at 7PM EST! While the roster is now full, anyone is welcome to come and spectate!
    This tournament still follows the same following rules from the original post!

    1: Only one entry is allowed! To try and get anyone who wants in a chance to play, entries will be limited to only one per person.

    2: Be polite to each other during the games! Yes, there is a prize for winning, but this is meant to be about fun, not hardcore competition!

    3: No glitching buttons! While the booths are mostly bug-free, there's still a few glitches here and there than happen from rapidly pressing buttons. Avoid doing this, please! There will be other staff helping watch the games, and if it's noticed that there's glitching being used, it could count against you in the match!

    4: Don't reset the board mid-game! That'll count as a loss!

    5: The winner of the match will be determined by a best of 3 out of 5!

    The current prize is still 8 DB! I hope to see you all there, and that everyone is able to have at least a little bit of fun! Below will be the current roster list:

    Tournament Roster.png
  2. Can you remind me of my time?
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