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    Well, here we go again...
    Quite often some new players will wonder whether it's possible to buy stuff with coal. Last time it was done about 53 dubs of coal blocks were needed to buy 1 elytra. It was done, it worked. However this time with the same amount you can buy 10 elytra. So you can see where I'm going...

    How about 3.2 million coal. That probably has quite a lot of buying power, does it not? Yeah, yeah it does, we have got a buyer that will buy that much coal.. at 1 diamond per 64 Coal Blocks, that's (((3200000/9)/64)/9)/64= ~9.6 stacks of Diamond blocks..

    "No single person could do that. But maybe a whole community could."

    This will be used to fund a new player initiative which aims to give new players materials and whatever is necessary to be able to enjoy this wonderful server.


    Options on how to donate:

    -Message either me or MXAngelOfMercy
    -Drop off Points
    We currently have a drop off point next to the post office, underground structure with spruce logs/leafs. We accept renamed coal blocks/shulker boxes of coal blocks as well as unnamed coal blocks. Renamed shulkers will be returned to the named person's mailbox at the spawn post office.

    Special Thanks:

    SenorTaco84, for actually taking the question of whether it is possible something of value to be bought with coal
    MXAngelOfMercy, for agreeing to be part of the team
    A certain nice person, who allowed us to make a drop off point so close to spawn who did not want to be credited.
    The buyer, who is funding all of this, wishes to remain unnamed.
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    1. E_chiz 135 stacks of CB
    2. Enelis 118 stacks of CB
    3. GrumpyAstro 32 stacks of CB and 5CB
    4. TheOfficialAdmin 25 stacks of CB, 52 CB and 3 coal
    5. Anonymous 20 stacks of CB, 39 CB and 5 coal
    6. Samicans 11 stacks of CB and 7 coal
    7. 2019 4 stacks of CB and 32 CB
    8. gionnyivory 3 stacks of CB and 6 coal
    9. ComradeElmo 2 stacks of CB and 8 CB
    10. munbang 1 stack of CB and 42CB
    11. void637 38 CB
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  3. As a reminder, Munchausen's Safe Survival Post Office is still open to serve the public, located just northwest of Spawn at approximately 1530/-220, and this is the "spawn post office" that Notupus is referencing in their post above.

    Anyone wanting a mailbox in the Safe Survival Post Office should please make a post in the Post Office thread or write their request into a book and drop it into the Postmaster's mailbox (A1) at the post office itself.
  4. Did Coalstarter get cancelled due to the reset announcement? The hoppers are blocked off, was going to make one final donation even if it's meaningless. ;-;
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    No, the chests were full so we blocked it off, you can donate now.
  6. Oh ok, yay!