Christmas Build Competition 2020

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  1. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    Omg, WHAT? Am I serious??? Yes, I am!!! :0

    Hello everyone!! As you all know it's almost time for the Christmas season, and we've got some interesting content planned that I really think you all will enjoy! Before the main event is released though, we wanted to add a little bit of variety this year!

    This build comp will be very laid back in style, not (too) intense, small build plots, very small teams. We are including a small participation prize too! Our theme for this build comp is Gingerbread House!!! Time to make some tasty looking builds with candy and frosting! Disclaimer: Event Staff are not responsible for players who attempt to eat the building blocks. Here's how it'll work:

    Plot Size: 31x31x41 (Keep in mind: 10 of those y levels are below ground level!)
    Theme: Gingerbread house!! (Refer to the pictures shown. No exact copying please!)
    Team Size: Maximum of two players. Choose wisely!
    Competition Duration: Beginning of December 1st through the end of December 21st EST

    Signups start NOW and will be closed at the end of November 29th, one minute after 11:59 PM EST! If you can help it, please do not miss the deadline!! That'll prevent a little bit of confusion for event staff this year. In order to sign up, you have three options, all of which include listing the IGN(s) for your build plot:

    1. Drop a SIGNED book and quill off at the signup board at spawn. (This is a SIGN up, not an unsigned up! So yes, please sign it, it's important!)
    2. Comment on this forum thread.
    3. Message me (Enelis#0608) on Discord. If I'm not available, I'm sure other event staff would be willing to take in your signup too!!

    A second member will NOT increase your build plot size, by the way.

    All prizes other than the participation prize are TBD! In order to receive a participation prize, you must create a significant build (or contribute significantly if you are in a team of 2). It is up to Event Staff to determine what is not significant, within reason.

    I hope that you all enjoy this build competition! Be sure to keep an eye out for more content in the near future!! :D
    Here are some Example builds to inspire you:

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  2. Hikoo

    Hikoo Moderator Moderator

    Username: Hikool, Thanks : )
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  3. seagull

    seagull Recruit

    IGN: seagull_solvent
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  4. jinnie

    jinnie Recruit

    ign: mmymy

    ahh am excited <33
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  5. IGN: Falcon_Flight_XL

    Yeah I'm interested!

    Also, I have a question: Will teams automatically be selected or are we choosing our own teams?
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  6. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    You will be choosing your own teams, yes! Maximum two players per team. Just let me know if you want to go solo or team up with someone else so I can sign you up accordingly!
  7. I would like to team with someone else!
  8. IGN:Hypermnesia

    Sign me up! (who knows maybe i'll eat my own build comp :D)
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  9. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    Alright, best of luck finding a teammate! Just let me know who it is when you find out :>
  10. IGN: lemtart

    ayy looking forward to this build comp! good luck to all who entered and hav fun!! :]
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  11. IGN: The_Cyberlord

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  12. Ign: MusicOwner :)

    My first build comp... was always to afraid my building skills would lack. but I like the Participation prize, so hek. why not
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  13. IGN: Ice_breaker97
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  14. IGN: ben_games08

    (may change)

    also I hope I get a teammate or I’ll have no chance at this
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  15. Ele

    Ele Recruit

    IGN: ___Elephant___

    woooo excited, time to practise.
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  16. Glitch

    Glitch Villager

    IGN: GlitchGirl_

    I'm really excited!
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  17. IGN: YansoTLG

    Can't wait to lose!
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  18. AyyRiley

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  19. AHirMcK01

    AHirMcK01 Villager

    IGN: AHirMck01
    I'm looking to be partnered with pythonmcgee who has agreed to be my partner! :)

    Also, I don't know if it has been already answered, but will we have fly abilities on for this?
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  20. doubex1

    doubex1 Moderator Moderator

    Fly is enabled in the build comp region

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