Chinese New Years - Ender Dragon respawn!

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  1. Hello, mates!

    To celebrate Chinese New Years, I'll be hosting 3 Ender Dragon respawns on Friday, 16th!

    As per usual, you will have 5 minutes to collect as much Dragon's Breath as possible before I start breaking the End Crystals, one by one, every 30 seconds.

    The mighty beast will be spawned in at the following times (equivalent):

    EST: 6PM, 8PM and 10PM.
    CST: 5PM, 7PM and 9PM.
    PST: 3PM, 5PM and 7PM.
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  2. With the killing of the dragon will people be able to get the dragon eggs? And will there be new ender portals to end cities?
  3. Dis is just exciting... so exciting... a dragon... the end... all together... like a big happy family. I'm so excited.... ERMERGERD! Chinese New Year da bomb.... Knootzy Style!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOT!
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  4. Dangit!! I got soo many Homework Packets and Im goin to Florida next week.. XD

    PS, Flower if ure reading this grab me 32-64 Dragons Breath I need it for Traps.
  5. Hey Carlo!

    I don't believe we'll distribute dragon eggs, but I'll check with the team to see if we can host a small drop party with a Dragon Egg in it!

    The respawns will also open up 3 new End Gateways. The End Cities are likely all raided by now, but we'll have 3 new quick accesses to the fawaray lands of the Outer End Islands!
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  6. Can’t Wait!! I’m gonna be that one person flying around the dragon and spam Bowing it.
  7. RoyPlayz

    RoyPlayz Villager

    So the End will never reset right? and also, will there be one of those "Dragon Defeater T-shirt2018" thingies?

    I like trains
  8. KelseaJ

    KelseaJ Villager

    darn, most likely wont be able to attend, its late at night for me :(

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