Cheshire's Selling Thread

Discussion in 'Selling' started by TheCheshireCat, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Come to my ice plain nether fortress to see what I have for sale on my wall

    Pigstep Disc (2 of them)
    Snout Banner Pattern (several)
    Zombie Pigman Sword (Unbreakable gold)
    Bunny Leggings
    Totem of Undying
    Unbreakable Fishing Rod
    Bee Spawn Egg
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  2. How much for the unb pick?
  3. 15DB
  4. Rougar

    Rougar Event Staff Event Staff

    How much for the bee egg?
  5. Deal. My IGN is PermanentAnxiety
  6. Has already been sold, sorry I forgot to come back and update the list
  7. How much for the letterbox, honeypot, and beer barrel heads if they're still available?
  8. Would you buy them for 2 DB each?
  9. Sure! I'm online currently and will be for most of the day so let me know and I'll send the DB over!
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  10. How much for your head, hamburger, beer barrel, and pancakes?
  11. FalconKyle

    FalconKyle Villager

    @TheCheshireCat are you selling the other unb diamond picks for 15db? if so can i buy one?
  12. Syco

    Syco Moderator Moderator

    some good stuff you have here
  13. How much for honey pot head?
  14. updated
  15. How much for burger and honey head
  16. 3Db each
  17. aight, deal. Will be available around 8-9 PST this week
  18. How much for the Beacon?
  19. Updated
  20. How much for shillelagh and party bow

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