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Are you in favor of the new spawn or do you prefer the current spawn we use?

  1. New Spawn

    42 vote(s)
  2. Current Spawn

    21 vote(s)
  1. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    Hi everyone,

    I'm proud to unveil Safe Survival's plans to release a new spawn for the 5th year anniversary on 4/5! In this thread we will show some pictures of the new spawn and we are polling the players to see what they prefer.

    The new spawn is like the 1.12 spawn with new buildings. I tried to see things from a players perspective when designing this spawn and wanted to capture the feel of an SMP server with creative players and staff. The first impression of our server is important, and we want more players to stay. Everything is easy to see and get to from /spawn and leaving to get to survival is made easy. Flat terrain, no gaps, and paths at the edges for more claiming opportunity. We have not yet decided if spawn location will be changed either, it could change or stay where it is. As of right now, new spawn will likely be put in a new location.

    There will be a path in each direction for more claiming opportunity.

    Here are some additional images of new spawn:

    Please post your thoughts as well.

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  2. there better be some new (and OG) hidden rooms
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  3. This reminds me of pre-pre-reset spawn in 2016-ish and I LOVE it!
  4. Wicked

    Wicked Villager

    looks ok but i miss the fun stuff from the one before the reset was nice to have a special quests and items at the end of the quests
  5. Syco

    Syco Moderator Moderator

    So far we are tossing different ideas. But I think if we go with the new/old spawn we will just use the current spawn for Treasure Hunt until something else is worked out. Don't quote me about this.
  7. Syco

    Syco Moderator Moderator

    you can count on it. Safe Survival will always have "hidden" things at spawn, no matter what spawn design we have. Its a Safe Survival tradition!
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  8. Maybe adjust the fountain in the back corner on the roof? lol
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  9. Syco

    Syco Moderator Moderator

    lol there is already a sign "memo" there for it.
  10. Rougar

    Rougar Event Staff Event Staff

    Basically what Syco said, we are tossing around different ideas for Treasure Hunt, but that event is staying. However, depending how things are done we may have to skip a few days. We are definitely keeping the event though, so no worries :]
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  11. Oh that is definitely not my best work. I was meaning to make it a little bigger but I got side-tracked with building another part of Spawn. I'll definitely get that done before launching it, none the less.
  12. Hikoo

    Hikoo Moderator Moderator

    I really liked the idea of new spawn that would be really good
    But how it will work, Are they gonna replace New spawn with current one, or New spawn will be somwere.
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  13. TroyMander

    TroyMander Villager

    I love it! Very nostalgic!
  14. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    As of now, we will likely put the new spawn in a new location. Thank you for your votes and comments!
  15. Love the new spawn. Much nostalgia :)
  16. It's beautiful, I love it!
  17. I really don't like the idea of changing the location of spawn, changing the look of it is one thing but changing where it is at is kind of unfair to the people who have claims and already set up shops and the like at the current spawn location. Even if turned into a warp point it would more than likely kill all traffic to the area cause people would have no reason to come there. I say keep spawn where its at and change up whatever you want about the way it looks/functions.
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  18. I would tend to agree with this point of view.
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  19. I like this it is similar to older spawns
  20. i like it but it seems too compact with the walls

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