Changes to the Weekly Event Schedule and What to Expect

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    Hello everyone! This is a small post to go over some changes we're looking to put into play with the event schedule. We've been having some trouble getting the current hosting windows and a couple of other things to work with us, so we're looking to tweak those up a little bit. I'll go over them here just briefly!

    • Hosting Window: Our current hosting window is about 2 hours, which is feeling a little tight for some of us, given daily life (work, school, etc.) and we're looking to open it to about a 4 hour window currently. I.e., rather than say 5-7 pm EDT, it'd be a 4-8 pm EDT. This allows us to have some extra time to host either a touch earlier or later compared to the current norm.

    • Announcement Time: We're looking at reducing the average announcement time from 30 minutes to 15 minutes instead, so there's not as much waiting before the event.

    • Removal of Dead Hours: As seen the last week we had Dead Hours come up for a schedule, we had a bit of scramble to get that. Many of us are either asleep to get ready for work/school,(US) or only just waking up to start our days with work/school(UK and others). And with the current hosting staff we have being in those two areas, we've decided to cut out the Dead Hours for now. The Google Calendar currently does not show this, but will be edited shortly to keep that out of there.

      We're hoping this will make things a little smoother for the hosting for us, but if there's any questions or comments, feel free to leave them! Thank you!
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