Buying: Unbr Pickaxe&Shovel

Discussion in 'Buying' started by DjrQ, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. They're for a friend who'll turn 32 upcoming saturday. So if you have a set that's cheaper than Billy's, plz let me know :D

    Got the pickaxe for 35.
    Now for the shovel!
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  2. Either is fine too. Also: looking for nametags! Hmu!
  3. How much name tags you need??
  4. Infinite
  5. Um we'll I don't think that I have infinite name tags, but I could name one "infinite" xD

    But seriously, how much
  6. I can take you to my free polar bear grinder where you can earn salmon really quickly to trade in for nametags at the Comfy Fishing warp.
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  7. I can sell you some nametags, msg me ingame. Mine might not be the best price tho.
  8. Ive found Rune's place at 1.8. He does 16 per dia :D
  9. I have seen someone do 32 / dia, but idk who it was and if they still do it.
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  10. I can sell you an unbreakable pick for umm 40DB

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