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    I am happy to announce my newest store:

    Sell by the Shulker!

    Unlike most stores you see on SafeSurvival, instead of buying items with your diamonds, Sell by the Shulker lets you sell your raw materials for diamonds! The process is quick and simple. Just throw an entirely full shulker of the material you want to sell into a hopper. Less than 15 seconds later, your now empty shulker will be returned to you, along with a few diamonds or diamond blocks as payment.

    At the moment, we only purchase a limited number of items, but we have plans to expand! If you have suggestions for materials you want to sell shulkers of, feel free to leave a comment (suggested prices will be taken into consideration as well)!

    Items we are currently buying:

    1 Shulker of Grass => 3 diamonds
    1 Shulker of Sand => 3 diamonds
    1 Shulker of Gravel => 5 diamonds
    1 Shulker of Oak Logs => 2 DBs
    1 Shulker of Spruce Logs => 2 DBs
    1 Shulker of Birch Logs => 2 DBs
    1 Shulker of Dark Oak Logs => 2 DBs
    1 Shulker of Acacia Logs => 2 DBs
    1 Shulker of Jungle Logs => 2 DBs
    1 Shulker of Warped Stem => 2 DBs
    1 Shulker of Crimson Stem => 2 DBs

    (Prices and items subject to change, be sure to check the current items/prices in-game before selling to the store!)


    Go to Ice Spikes warp and walk east until you see the giant sign pointing you towards "Sell by the Shulker." Once you see this sign, look to your right to see a giant quartz and clay building which houses the store.


    The Sell by the Shulker store is only designed to buy shulkers which are entirely full of one material (1728 homogeneous, unnamed items). Putting full shulkers of a material we do not buy, partially full shulkers, shulkers with a mixture of items, empty shulkers, or non-shulker items into the machine may result in the loss of items and/or shulkers (the machine does its best to return incorrectly filled shulkers and stray items, but the machine will empty any shulker with 27 full stacks in it).

    The machine is not overloadable, only place one shulker in at a time into the machine. If you want to sell more than one shulker, you will need to wait about 10 seconds between purchases for the machine to reset (the redstone lamp will retract when the store is ready to purchase again).

    How it works:

    First your shulker is placed into an anti-griefing mechanism which destroys water, lava, armour stands, and other dispenser placable items that could be used to grief the store. Once the machine confirms you have placed a full shulker into the store, it moves it to an emptying station. Within the emptying station, the contents of your shulker are regularly sampled to ensure that the shulker was entirely full of the desired materials. To verify these samples, store uses your classic tileable autosorter connected to a counter. If the counter counts a certain number of one material, this means the shulker was entirely full of that material. Upon this confirmation, the counter signals to release the appropriate payment. When your shulker has been completely emptied, the now empty shulker is returned.
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