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    It's that time of year again... build competition! We are sorry for the delay, however we thought it best to hold the competition once we had access to 1.17 blocks. For this build competition players will form teams of a maximum of 4 players to build a new TEMP WARP.

    Open September 2, Close October 2, 2021, 23:59 EDT.
    Judging: October 3-10, 2021
    Winners Announced: October 12, 2021

    Rules, and the violation of rules, are up to the discretion of the staff.
    All team members must participate in the build. ONLY members of your team may participate on your build. There is a maximum of 4 players per team, and your build will be checked by mods to ensure this. You may not use an existing build as your entry into the build competition. Prizes are only awarded to participating members. All builds should follow server rules and guidelines. Builds submitted after signups close will be disqualified. As this is a teams competition, we remind you to be respectful of others, both on or off your team.

    Teams have a maximum size of 4 players. To sign up, comment below with the IGN of all team members. Only one member of the team needs to make a post. You must also include the coordinates of your build. Additionally, please include a description, and screenshots of it (you can edit your post to add these after when you originally post, but not after signups close.) SIGNUPS WILL CLOSE October 2, 2021. YOU MAY NOT BUILD AFTER SIGNUPS CLOSE.

    As you will be building a warp, there is a strict format you must follow, and specific features you must include.
    • Builds must be 151x151.
    • There must be 4 path exits, one in each cardinal direction of the warp. These paths will be the same as what we have in other warps, 3 wide, made out of path blocks, so create yours accordingly. The 4 exits do not need to be in the exact center of each side, however we recommend being near the center.
    • You must include a clear location that players warp in. If this isn't clear, place a sign that designates the location. We recommend that this location be in the center of the build.
    • The location you build is not the final location, that will be chosen by the staff. As such, take into consideration that the terrain will be abruptly cut off, and we recommend that the edges of your build be fairly flat. We will, however, blend the terrain into your build, but only so much can be done.
    Additionally, the builds will be judged on interiors, exteriors, form, use of space, organics, terraforming, etc.

    edit:typos, wording.

    If there are any questions, please reach out to the event staff team on discord, or in game.
    Good luck, and happy building!
    -Event Staff
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  2. Withdrawn.

    Yours truly,
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  3. To clarify, we will not be adding fly regions.
  4. IGN: Oh_Yeah_MrKrabs

    Teammates IGNs:

    Center: X: -21384 Y: --- Z: 9034
    Corner: X: -21309 Z: 9109 (South East)
    Corner: X: -21459 Z: 8959 (North West)


    Screenshot Album:
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  5. lolbenz

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    Coords: mid is 9953/50/23038

    Edited the team :)
    Once more
    Edited coords :)
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  6. Void

    Void Villager

    - UltimateVoid
    - mallorycable
    - MusicOwner
    - killcode533

    Corner One (North East):
    X: 10866, Z: 11071
    Corner Two (South West): X: 10716, Z: 11221
    Center Point (Spawnpoint): X: 10791, Y: Coming Soon (Will be decided once the build is complete), Z: 11146

    The description will be created once the build has been completed.

    Screenshots will be taken once the build has been completed at the indicated location.

    Thanks to everyone supporting us and our team wishes luck to all teams entering this competition!
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  7. doubex1

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    Please add coords
  8. doubex1

    doubex1 Moderator Moderator

    Please add coords
  9. lolbenz

    lolbenz Veteran

    Start of the petition to give us 2 weeks more time :D
  10. Nik Knight

    Nik Knight Villager


    Corner one: X: -17857 Y: 69 Z: -1050
    Corner two: X: -17857 Y: 69 Z: -1050
    Center: X: -17781 Y: Will be decided after the build is complete. Z: -974

    Will be added when build is complete.
    Screenshots: Will be added when build is complete.

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