Bring back Creeper explosions

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  1. It's been like this for a few months now and I don't see much people talk about it but when creeper explode they don't do any damage. I'm not sure why it was disabled, their wasn't a vote and I don't even know if shaz knows about it.

    It's really ruined Creepers on the server. When I used to be mining and randomly heard the sound of it, I knew what was coming, BOOM. But now when I hear it or see a creeper coming towards me, I don't even flinch because I know it doesn't do anything and it's really disappointing.

    Please re-enable Creeper explosion damage

    Edit: Just to clarify I am talking about creepers damaging the player, not the blocks.
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  2. I'm pretty sure creeper explosion damage is disabled by default inside claims
  3. The gamerule DoMobGriefing is off on the server. To turn it on would make a giant mess of everyone with a wither pet. Though creepers not damaging players is an odd one
  4. Yeah, I was under the impression that this is not actually the case, but rather that some other mechanism was being used to manage mob griefing settings on a per-mob basis.

    And yes, creepers used to be able to harm players even if they couldn't rearrange the landscape at whim, and if this is up for a vote, I think that should be brought back.
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    idk man doesn't seem very safe to me
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    Wither pets inside claims with claim explosions turned off will do no harm to blocks. You, however, can easily be fried.
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  7. I just wanted to bring this topic back up because the recent Halloween event introduce mobs in the boss fight that blow up and they do explosive damage and knockback to the player but creepers still don't. I just find it interesting and wonder if its related at all.
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