Bought epic rank- missing a few items.

Discussion in 'Reports' started by Timmypopo, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Timmypopo

    Timmypopo Villager

    Like the title says I've recently bought epic rank. I don't know if the sign at spawn needs to be changed or something but it says it includes a unbreakable shovel and a skeleton horse egg both of which I didn't receive. Not complaining just wondering if I could get at least the unbreakable shovel cause that would be handy. I was given everything else though it was just weird to me that these two items were missing even though I had inventory space.
  2. SkyFlower

    SkyFlower Moderator Moderator

    Hey! We have been having some issues with Epic rank recently. Next time you are online be sure to /helpop and a moderator should be able to grab the items for you.
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  3. Timmypopo

    Timmypopo Villager

    Thank you for the help a mod got them for me.
  4. Had the same issue with galaxy. Still don’t have my galaxy head I think

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