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    Name: blist
    Age: 19
    Time Zone: GMT

    • Are there any specific ways you'd like to help?
    - Helping is something I like doing. To become an event staff and help would only further my input to players during events and comps as I have a keen eye to questions and will have the knowledge of how to word certain answers to certain queries. Players unsure of how to start a build they would like to start is something I thrive in, I am more than happy to continuously provide starting ideas for those players as I love having to adapt to a different idea/scheme and not just copy paste from previous ideas.
    • What regarding events do you think could be improved upon?
    - In my opinion I think the current event staff members do more than a good job for each and every new opportunity provided to us in the form of warps, build comps and builds in general. Something I can point out is perhaps a revamp of the warps in the admin section of each warp, as I have seen there is a small area that has a little space for the natural land of the warp that is unavailable for player, I was thinking (and without covering up too much of the players' beautiful builds) there could be more decoration to represent said warps as players have started to become faithful to warps they live in.
    • Do you have any ideas for a game/event?
    I understand there is an emphasis on the main reason for the server, being a safe environment and not promoting violence and such but I believe a PvP based event could be fun for a different audience of players and current event-bingers. The event would not have to be entirely based on the whole idea, this event could be a target contest involving bows and arrows and player hits not eliminations.
    • Are you interested in helping with redstone or command blocks?
    - Redstone on minecraft isn't my strongest suit, i'm currently in the works of learning command blocks and plugins and intend to put my resume towards the staff here at SafeSurvival once I am confident in myself but for know its best to say my knowledge is mediocre at best ;)
    • Would you be interested in helping with the creation of warps/events?
    My Interest in warp and build development will be at the top of my interest list as it is too much fun to describe, being given a chance to do this would be taken as pleasure over a job to do and I don't doubt I'll be up at early hours touching up and adding as much as I can to help :D.

    My Experience on builds here at SafeSurvival is small but certainly better than I expected so I'll list a couple here.

    Platypus Build Comp Submission:
    In the build comp I was definitely an inexperienced scrub but I still wanted to prove my worth as a good teammate as I believe I am one so I focused my efforts on a certain part of the warp, the Spires in the middle left of the Main build (2 spires were attributed to my work) -
    2020-12-30_23.48.05.png 2020-12-30_23.47.52.png
    Just a few screenshots so I don't bore you

    I also have a pic from the recent Gingerbread Build Comp which I'll just say me and Hiko we're probably very unlucky with IRL things to complete but I digress.

    But Anyway this pic shows a lil cave I created that is a fun way of adding me and Hiko into the build, I also added a joke from Hiko and a portal to the Choco-mension which I really enjoyed doing xD.

    There are also more small builds I've attempted on the server but until completed I'll keep of this Application, when they are completed they will be added under here

    Thank you for reading :D
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