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    In Game Name: Blah_McBlah (don't confuse me with blah28722!)
    Discord: oravega#6201
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
    Age: 21
    Specific ways I'd Like to help: Making builds, creating event mobs & special items, and once I get better at it, making scoreboard stuff.
    What Regarding Events Could Be Improved: I'm not too sure of a good way to implement this (I tried with my event idea), but having a large scale community event, where the entire player base must come together to complete it, instead of one winner stuff.
    Ideas for events/games: Month long community dungeon crawls type challenges. What this could look like is that the community has 1 month (or multiple months) to kill 10000 (or some number) special mobs within a dungeon warp. Once this happens the boss room is unlocked, which, upon completion would provide maybe some diamonds. Then once the month is up the dungeon is remade by event staff & the mobs in it are changed around.
    Interest in Redstone and Command Blocks: I am really good at redstone, making special items & summoning special mobs with command blocks. I have some experience dealing with scoreboard mechanics, however that was like 20 updates ago and the format has all changed so I don't know how relevant my knowledge will be.
    Interest in Creating Warps/Events: Yes, I would be interested in working on warps/events, both building and redstone work.
    Example Builds:
    House: 1875,26, spawn warp.
    Mystery Shack: 3631,-6022, mega tiaga.
    Overgrown Mesoamerican Pyramid: msg me for the cords, I want to keep it's location a secret.
    3:1 Scale Desert Temple: msg me for cords, I want to keep it's location a secret.
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