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Discussion in 'Creations' started by louloubel, Aug 20, 2020.

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    Hello! after a discussion in chat about birthdays i decided to actually make something for once, a birthday wall ^_^ ! the premise is pretty simple, each month the wall is updated with players birthdays of that month! if you want your birthday displayed, there is a hopper to the right of the wall that you can throw a renamed item (with both your ign + birthday) into.

    i believe this sort of thing has been done on the server before on previous maps, so if you did this before please pm me and i will credit you!

    The birthday wall is at flower forest warp, directly south (co-ords are -2314, -7926)

    2020-08-20_15.38.06.png birthday wall.png

    - lou :)
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  2. Very cool idea :)
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  3. FrayK47

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    That's awesome, good idea Lou!
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  4. i love this, it makes it easier to see birthdays for my tiny brain
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  5. _Hikoo_

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    Very cool. thank you lou! ^_^
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  6. That is a really cool idea Lou! Also what’s funny is I was behind Elesendor in the screenshot lol you can just about see my skin lol
  7. What a cool idea Lou! :D
  8. that is a cool idea!!!

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