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  1. Hi all,

    Over the past month I've been working on my project, a 143x143 ACW era fort.

    I started with finding the flattest overall 143x143 plains warp. Unfortunately at that size, its rare to find anything perfect, so some terraforming was needed. I dug down to y64, relaid dirt at y63, and built from there.

    The main walls took roughly 40,000 stone bricks to build at a height of 12 blocks and a width of 10 blocks. The east, north, and south walls are identical, with the west end of the fort coming to a point. The middle ground on the west end wall between the main courtyard was closed in, 2 stories tall, and turned into main holding cells. There are around 55 identical holding cells within the west end dungeons.

    The courtyard was dedicated to interior supply, accomidations, and defense. There are 2 soldier barracks in the courtyard, with beds for over 200. On the east wall lies to identical brick and plank buildings. One is dedicated to quarter masters, ranking officers, and other live-in residents of the fort, including kitchen. The other is dedicated to storage, blacksmithing, medical hall, and extra living space.

    There is a 10x2 moat surrounding the fort, as was typical in post revolutionary sea forts or landlocked forts.

    This is a work in progress for me, as I've hit burnout much during this build. It is nowhere near done, and like many projects, never will be done as I will find ways to increase accuracy as time goes on.

    The inspiration for this project comes from Fort Delaware, arguably the best preserved and strongest Civil War era fort left standing. Built in 1860, it was designed to protect the inland ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia after Fort Mifflin in Hog Island, PA proved not reliable enough in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Fort Delaware found use as a prisoner fort during the outbreak of the ACW, and continued as the protector of the Delaware River until 1945 at the conclusion of WW2. Today it is a state park. I highly recommend anyone in the region check it out.

    Thanks all,
    9-gihon-exterior4.jpg 2020-03-28_20.06.30.png 2020-03-14_17.08.43.png 2020-03-28_19.51.56.png 2020-03-28_20.04.49.png 2020-03-28_20.05.13.png 2020-03-28_20.05.42.png
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  2. wow thumb that looks awesome, i think i flew over that and have a home near it, ill check it out when i can
  3. Nice! You're really great at building!
  4. I'm starting back up on this project again. If anyone is willing to help, you'll be compensated and material provided.

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