Behold! a dub of chests!

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Dominus_Frigidus, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. No one needs that many haha.
  2. but i do.
  3. If you're really planning on building that storage area base. You're gonna need more than that honestly
  4. You need an unlimited warehouse.
  5. RIP, I do have that many chests but RIP
  6. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate Moderator

    And here I thought Damanter cornered the market on the number of chests in a base lol.
  7. Now, who’s going to accept the challenge to have a giant chest building of chests full of shipper boxes full of chests? Whoever does that I think we can all agree is this server’s hero
  8. Also better watch out because lots of chests in one area may or may not cause you performance issues!

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