Bear's very late spring cleaning sale!

Discussion in 'Selling' started by ABashfulbear, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. ABashfulbear

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    I am selling off a few things, feel free to contact me on here, on discord, or in game about any of the items. Sold items are marked off in bold.


    Unbreakable Diamond Axe - 20 Diamond Blocks. (Sold.)
    Unbreakable Diamond Hoe (2 available) - 20 Diamond Blocks.
    Unbreakable Gold Sword (Zombie Pigman Sword) - 18 Diamond Blocks.
    Unbreakable Fishing Rod - 7 Diamond Blocks. (Sold.)
    Unbreakable Chainmail Leggings (4 available) - 4 Diamond Blocks.


    Mighty Sceptre (King's Rank Item) - 55 Diamond Blocks.
    Brave Ark Sword - 35 Diamond Blocks.
    Knight's Sword - 25 Diamond Blocks.
    Powerful Scepter (from last year's Halloween event) - 10 Diamond Blocks. (Sold.)
    Veterans Sword - 6 Diamond Blocks.
    Flame Lantern - 50 Diamond Blocks.

    Other Rares:

    Black D'hide Leggings - Open to offers.
    Spider's Web (from last year's Halloween event) - 10 Diamond Blocks.


    Ghast Head - 12 Diamond Blocks. (Sold.)
    Crayon Box (Full) - 6 Diamond Blocks. (Sold.)
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  2. Can I buy the ghast head?
  3. I'll offer 1 db higher than Cheshire will for the Ghast head lol
  4. Can I buy the Unbreakable Fishing Rod?
  5. Oliver79

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    What enchants/special stats does knight's Sword and Powerful Sceptre have?
  6. ABashfulbear

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    Hey, sorry someone contacted me about the Powerful Scepter on discord while I was asleep, looking at the time they asked first so I sold it to them, sorry.

    Here is the stats for Knight's Sword.

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