Banned for using XRAY (im so sorry) dont Xray

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Jamie, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Jamie

    Jamie Villager

    Full In-Game Name: gewoon_jamie
    Ban Reason: xray
    Person Who Banned You: ABashfulBear
    Length of Ban: permantly
    i'm really sorry i don't know what got into me i only did it once i'm sorry i lost your time too! I also I can not stand it that everyone had an unbreakable elytra and an unbreakable pickaxe! and stuff like that that's why i started using xray (i only did it once) i am so sorry i wasted your time!
    i really want to do something for the mods because i wasted your time!
    I must also say that without safe survival I will not have touched Minecraft anymore!
    i love this server!
    if i get a unban
    I will never xray again! and if i do permanently ban me and i do never appeal!
    (i did it with google translate because i don't speak english very well!)

    - gewoon_jamie
  2. Jamie

    Jamie Villager

    btw you have good staff! keep up the good work!
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  3. Hi, thanks for appealing.

    I appreciate your honesty in admitting what you have done, but since this is your second xray offence the ban will stay for now.

    Thanks for appealing.
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  4. Jamie

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    Hi AbashFulbear
    I've changed and it's been half a year since I was banned! and you said "the ban will stay for now" and I think I learned my lesson so I might just get an unban because it's been a long time! and if you don't unban me
    then I understand that completely! -Jamie
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  5. Hi,

    thanks for asking, having consulted the rest of the staff, the majority feel it is still too soon, we will be happy to consider it again in the future.

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  6. Jamie

    Jamie Villager

    I understand your choice thanks for responding!:)
  7. Jamie

    Jamie Villager

    hi can i have a unban plz i think i changed it is been 8 months and that is much if i cheat again dont unban me but i love this server i have loads of memories here on this server so i can have a unban ):

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  8. Hi,

    thanks for appealing again. However, the staff team have agreed that your ban will remain in place for at least a year from the offence. Feel free to appeal again once it has been at least a year.

  9. Jamie

    Jamie Villager

    hi its been a year now and i still regret for xraying and i want to play on safesurvival again and i uninstalled all xray mods


    - i_have_a_virus
  10. Hi,

    as it has now been over a year, you have been unbanned. However, I should warn you, this is purely on a last chance basis, any ban you receive in the future will almost certainly be final.

    I hope to see you around!