Ban Appeal For JackMummert

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Jack Mummert, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. Full In-Game Name: JackMummert
    Ban Reason (As shown on the ban screen): Xray (2nd offense)
    Person Who Banned You: Peb0w0
    Length of Ban: Permanent
    Appeal: I was permanently banned for xray back in June. I don't expect to be let back on to the server but all I want to say is that I'm sorry for my previous actions. I should of been smarter with the decision I made and for that, I deeply apologize. I understand that xray is cheating and defeats the whole purpose of the game. Im sorry for my actions. Thank you.
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  2. Hi,

    thanks for appealing. After a discussion, the staff team have decided to decline your appeal. You had a chance to stop xraying after your first ban, and yet you did it again. Your ban will stay for the time being.

  3. I mean that there is a possibility we will consider your ban again at a later date. Several staff members agree that it is too soon to unban you at the moment, but we may consider it in the future.
  4. Hi,

    after discussing this with the rest of the staff, we feel it is best for your ban to remain in place until at least a year after it was issued. Because of this, your ban will stay.

  5. It is not guaranteed, but we will consider it in more detail then.

  6. Hi,

    as I said last time, the staff team have agreed that your ban will remain in place for at least a year, it has presently only been close to 11 months, therefore your appeal is still denied.

  7. Hello, I was wondering if I could get an update on my appeal, thanks!

  8. Hi,

    after a staff debate, you have been unbanned. However, I should warn you, this is purely on a last chance basis, should you be facing a ban in the future, it will most likely be permanent.

    I hope to see you around,