Ban Appeal for Discord SgtJellybeanz

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Sgt Jellybeans, May 10, 2022.

  1. Full In-Game Name: SgtJellybeanz
    Ban Reason (As shown on the ban screen): Dox
    Person Who Banned You: Mr_Krabs*(Mod)
    Length of Ban: Unsure


    I would like to appeal towards my usage of discord on safe survival. As well the bans/tempbans/reports that are under my name. I understood what did happen for the dox report, and I have asked for description of the incident to support my claim of the report.

    To State that I was not given a fair hearing or discussion nor warning before the ban. I wasn't actively spamming in chat, being a nuisance to the whole server x-raying/hacking or cheating in anyway, I was just was misunderstood and judged for it, without any warnings/discussions.

    Today I would like to appeal on this regarding a fair hearing and understanding completely of what all I was banned for in the first place, how come I didn't get any warnings prior and what reports against me was.

    I was also made aware of some reports that I was never aware of, nor anyone told me off, and shouldn't be just banned for those reasons also without knowing of what was reported.

    I play Safe Survival with a lot of players that know me, that like me, there are some people who don't like me, and I understand that. I really help where I can and support people. I also know that I have come out weird/strange at times, and my intentions aren't bad nor want to hurt people or offend people, If I was told about these things, I could correct myself to better approach the problems or help towards making better thoughts and decisions towards the reports. I am only human, and I'll fail many times before I get it right. Please don't punish me so harshly for this. As I'm still learning and I am not perfect. And I'm sure with time, and reflection I can adjust these behaviors or stay away from certain topics/subjects.

    I would like to submit what evidence I have towards this appeal privately as well, if it deems confidential and relevant to the subjects.

    All that being said, I am sorry if I made anyone feel uncomfortable, or hurt anyone or was rude to some people. I do apologize sincerely, if you're reading this, I am really sorry for what I have done and caused you. And I understand now that maybe I should be reflecting on myself for the problems that I have caused. And wish I could mend and fix the things with you guys. That I have affected negatively.

    Thanks for Reading :)
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