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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Anastasis, Dec 24, 2018.

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  1. Full In-Game Name: CreepusXplodus07
    Ban Reason (As shown on the ban screen): Advertising
    Person Who Banned You: Lefik
    Length of Ban: Permanent
    Appeal: It is true, i got a few players to another server. But I wouldnt consider the way it happened advertising. What happened:
    Over my time playing on ss i had started to talk more to specific players not only in game but stuff like discord. At one point i asked some of them i thought could help for some help. And indeed they helped. That was all i never said "lets get on that server its cool" I never shared an ip ingame to invite players and i never shared the server name before they alread knew it from discord. Thats all i got to say. You decide from there.
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  2. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    Advertising or poaching, you can decide the term for what you did, but both are the same punishment, we'll even change the ban reason to the term that you chose if you'd like.
  3. Ok, from what i understand im not getting a reduced ban. However im running a giveaway in game and the winners were supposed to be drawn today. Can you please do something about that? I really want this to end nicely.
  4. I`m pretty sure in the old spawn at the signs located in the info room it was mentioned that only players who log in for the first time and instantly start spamming will be permabanned, the rest will only a tempban of X days. But now when I tried to find if that part of rule I came to realise it doesn`t mention anything about tempbans in the advertising rules. Was that removed? Why? When?

    X= I don`t remember how many days
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  5. I remember that and i dont know why it was removed. Don't want to get aggresive but i think my situation was treated unfairly
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  6. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    This is a circumstance that goes beyond just one case of advertising, we decided to treat this in a different way because of that.

    I apologize but since you are not present to do the giveaway it will not be happening. We should not have to add extra any other unnecessary workload to our staff team just because someone broke the rules, in the end it is you who broke the rules and we as staff should not be punished for another persons actions.
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  7. Could you transfer the claim to somebody i choose and let him draw the winners?
  8. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    Claims of banned players follow the normal 90 day rule, meaning after 90 days it will expire and go to the next person on the trust list if there are no entries on the trust list it will be abandoned.
  9. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    For now the ban will stand. While you weren't directly posting an IP, leading players from the server to your server discord and your server in other ways is still not allowed. We can't allow our server to be used as a recruiting source for others.
  10. If anyone is to be taking the blame is me since I'm the discord owner and server co owner so do not ban Creepus.... Ban me
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  11. Ikith

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    Since Creepus was involved in advertising he is also to take punishment.

    Locking this thread.
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