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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Cohorts, Jan 12, 2021 at 4:50 AM.

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    Full In-Game Name: Cohorts
    Ban Reason (As shown on the ban screen): Badlion client is not allowed (1st offense)
    Person Who Banned You: Nutalie
    Length of Ban: 2 weeks
    Appeal: While on the server, my friend and I decided to join and talk in the discord server. In my status, it said "playing Badlion Client". Someone reported this and an admin began messaging me on the server. I have only been playing on this server for about 3-4 days and this is my first time being confronted by any staff member. She asked me if I was playing Badlion, and I said "yes", because I did not know it was bannable at the time. When I joined the server I was informed to read /rules 1 and /rules 2. There is nothing included in those selected rules that says anything about Badlion or other clients of it's type. She said that it was included in the forums but I wasn't told that there was any rules on the forums by any of the staff members when I joined or even when other new players joined. When I asked the admin messaging me, she said that outside clients are not allowed due to the fact that it gives an unfair advantage to other players. She also said that the only game modifications you are allowed to use is Optifine, shaders and vivecraft and again I knew nothing about this. When I said that the only thing that I use Badlion for is Optifine and fps boosting, she said that other people have been banned for using it and I won't be an exception. I even offered to send her a screenshot of the mods I was currently using at the time. She denied this offer and said I would be banned. I feel that this is extremely unfair as 1. I wasn't warned about this, 2. I don't use anything other than legal mods on the client and 3. I was banned immediately even after I offered to turn it off and send screenshots of proof. When I come back, whether it be in 2 weeks or in a couple days, I will now know to not play on Badlion Client and only use Optifine on vanilla minecraft.

    Thanks for reading my appeal,
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  2. nutalie

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    Under /rules 2 in-game, there is a website link that directs you to the detailed rules on forums. It states that the only allowed modifications are Optifine, shaders, and Vivecraft. This means that any other modifications outside of the ones listed are not allowed, which would include Badlion. Listing the only mods allowed is much easier than listing every single mod or client disallowed on the server.

    I did say that you would be banned either way because there was no way for me to know which mods you were running, not only during our conversation, but for the entirety of however long you were playing before I got online.

    Ultimately, players are responsible for reading the rules in-game and on forums. Ignorance to these rules does not exclude one from being punished.

    Thank you for appealing and I hope to see you return in two weeks.
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