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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by CardGames073, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. Full In-Game Name:

    Ban Reason (As shown on the ban screen):
    "Reason: x-ray is not allowed (first offense)"

    Person Who Banned You:

    Length of Ban:
    14 days


    Good day,

    Today (November 11th 2020) I got confronted and banned for supposedly using x-ray.

    My way of mining looked weird, and I sometimes went straight to ores. I do agree that it looks very suspicious, but I also tried explaining it's just my extremely stupid luck, along with a lot of lag, as I have been uploading 112gb of virtual machines to my Onedrive for the past two days.

    I learned from my last mistake, about a year or more ago I think, where I got banned for using x-ray, which at the time I did use. I assume this was an extra reason to not believe what I said earlier.

    I have no evidence to defend myself with (except if you count my Onedrive uploading page), as I can't do anything but admit my mining is weird and my connection is laggy, whereas there's proof of my suspicious mining, so I'm going to assume this appeal will get denied quite fast, but the least I could do is try, as I only enjoy playing on this server.

    Extra note:
    Chances are I won't get any email notifications if anyone replies to this. I'll check up multiple times a day, but if you'd like to ask me any questions, please ask ahead on Discord, as I'm most active there. My tag is CardGames073#6767

    Thank you for your time, and have a nice day/night. :)
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  2. louloubel

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    Hi there! i would first like to apologise for the delayed response to your appeal, when i went to reply last time Imgur was not working, and since then it completely slipped my mind. as the moderator who found your tunnels i will lay out the evidence which led to the conclusion of x-ray. (link to examples here: ). I would like to point out many of these examples you covered up with stone which had to be rolled back. (diamonds have also been rolled back for evidence)

    Evidence 1: as said on the imgur, these diamonds past the line wouldnt have been seen with the technique you were using, its odd that you went further than all the other rows when there so happens to be diamonds there.

    Evidence 2: In this example you mine down then suddenly divert to the left directly into diamonds, you originally dug into some iron when you first dug down but this does not explain the curved angle you took to go straight to diamonds.

    Evidence 3: Here, you mine randomly to the right, again straight into diamonds. the rest of the tunnel has no signs of you doing this so i highly doubt it was part of any technique.

    Evidence 4: again, mined straight into stone directly into diamonds, could be a coincidence but considering the rest of the evidence this seems highly unlikely.

    Evidence 5: these tunnels looked like regular tunnels until we rolledback the stone you placed, where we can see you actually went up into diamonds that you wouldnt have known were there, no other ores were connected to these diamonds, so there was no reason to suddenly mine up in this tunnel

    in conclusion myself and other moderators deemed this to be use of x-ray. even if you were lagging it does not explain why you diverted in the ways you did into diamonds. apologies again for my tardiness, you will have to wait out the rest of your ban.

    - Lou
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